Okay, So I changed her model. Sorry! I just picture her more like Annie :)

l Name; l Annie Burke (16)
l Dorm; l Huntington Dorm
l Bio; l What to say about Annie? Born in New England and raised in the Washington D.C area, Annie always knew too much for her age. Being so close to government officials, her parents, Annie learned about the corruption of secrets. Even as a shy young girl, Annie became obsessed with knowing peoples secrets. How does Annie get away with this? Annie never tells, but she likes to get along with people that will only benefit her with a detail or two. Some call her shallow for being so into gossip, but with a fresh start, Annie just looks like the sweet girl she makes herself out to be. What are her goals now that she's in Austrailia? All she cares about is making her way to the top of the social ladder to take the school and become the queen of gossip.
l Likes; l Gossiping, Her cellphone, Writing
l Stereotype; l The Dish
l Suggested Looks; I

I took a sip of my Starbucks coffee and wiped my mouth with a simple white napkin. Then I set my drink down, took a small lady-like bite out of my blueberry bagel. I closed my eyes, trying to tune into the conversation going on a few feet away from me. My mother was talking with someone who worked with President Obama himself about something important going on in the oval office. Although I didn't preferrably like or agree with President Obama, we had been invited to several of his dinner events and I needed to know this information.

Sadly, the woman thanked my mother and stood up, her heels clacking across the floor as she exited. "Annie," My mother called out to me from across the room. "please come here." I stood up, leaving behind the newspaper and my breakfast, spinning on my heel. I pulled down on the collar of my blazer. 

"What is it mother?" I sighed, sitting down and crossing my legs at the ankles. Although I was obsessed with drama and gossip, I was well-mannered and new everything about business. Everyday in my home was like being in a business meeting anyhow. 

"Annie, I would like to inform you that we have found a wonderful high-school for you. It is called St.Cawthornes and your father and I have reserved a spot for you in The Huntington Dorms. Your grades are superb so they agreed that you may go. Me and your father already payed full admission so it's settled." She smiled, her hair was pulled back into a super-tight ballet bun and her lips were covered in a light pink gloss.

"Wait...Australia?" I looked at her as though she were crazy. What in the world went on in Australia? No one talked about Australia.. "Why..Mom..why?" For the first time in ages, I could think of nothing to say. I would be leaving my home where loads of gossip was, where all the rich government people ate and slept, where I belonged.

"Your father and I have been accepted into an elite force of agents for the Obama residency and we'll be traveling quite a bit. Our job is important in the government and state of the country. I hope you understand. You'll be leaving in a few days." She nodded and stood up, walking away from me.

A new school? A new home? A new life? New..gossip? I smirked, grabbing the newspaper off of the grand piano and sitting down again. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad, you know? 

"Ms.Burke? Your parents wanted me to tell you that you should get dressed appropriately for a semi-formal dinner and I believe they said you needed to come fill out your applications immediately." Margaret, our maid, smiled and ducked out of the room. 

Hopefully, this new life would bring new friends, which led to more gossip, which led to more drama, which led to me...becoming even better than I already was at my task. Reporting to the people.

ew, i'm sorry the story is terrible.
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