Monday, June 18th; Today’s your day. Whether you spend it shopping, exploring or maybe just lounging by the pool, take this as your opportunity to just relax and unwind. After having your fun, sneak down to Coco Kingsley's beach house for a game of truth or dare. Bring your best contraband, there's a strong chance the game will dissolve into the wildest party possible- and with Miss Kingsley at the helm, who knows just how wild it will be.

“I’m supposed to be happy to see you, is that it?” I ask Braden as he smiles at me, as I hop out of Con’s truck. “That’s the general idea,” He jokes, holding out his muscular arms for a hug. I brush past him. “My brother was seriously fucked up in making an assumption that I wanted to see you. His sentence awaits him upon our arrival home,” I say, knowing that Braden was following me down the main road where all those random beachy boutiques were in every town along the Cape.

“I just want to talk, Wynn,” He says quietly as I enter one of my favourite boutiques. My parents sold our cottage a few years back when they bought the beach house in Coldgrove, because everyone needed two houses in the same town… I always regretted their decision, even though Con and I loved the beach house possibly more than we could love a human child.

“But I have nothing to say to you. You cheated on me with Mary Sue or whatever her name was and you made me want to leave a city I fell in love with,” I say to him. Jill, the sales associate who had been working at the store for as long as I can remember, greets me and Braden. “We have a men’s shop just across the street,” Jill says. “You better get to it then,” I say to Braden, turning my back on him and look at the dresses that were on display.

“Hey Wynn, your bikini doesn’t match,” Xavier says to me once I take off my dress. “Hey Xavier, bite me,” I respond and he laughs at me, before tossing me a bottle of Heineken. “You’re so dead still, you know that, right?” I say to Con as he plops down beside me for the game of truth or dare that was about to start. He laughs, takes a drink and looks at me, “He stopped by the hotel just before I left to come here. I told him it would probably be best if he left,” He says to me quietly and I catch Tabby staring at the two of us. “Thank you,” I mutter to him. 

“You’re welcome. But Wynn, the guy’s not going anywhere. His family just bought a cottage here,” He says. I look at him. He looked genuinely sorry. “Here all summer. Working at the bait shop,” He says and I laugh. “Guess we’re not coming here ever again?” Con laughs and we clink bottles together. “Maybe we’ll do the Vineyard next year. Mom and dad want to buy a place, why not, right?” He says and I nod my head. 

“You know Miss North has been staring at you for a good five minutes now right?” I say. “I know. I just like to watch her squirm when we make eye contact and she pretends like she doesn’t want to bone this,” He says. They make eye contact and I watch Tabby quickly avert her eyes, striking up a conversation with Naomi. “Well played, Novak,” I say, giggling. “I do what I can, Novak,” He replies. “Now drink your beer, shut the fuck up about Braden and try and have some fun watching the pro make Tab really unfuckingcomfortable when it’s my turn for this game.” I laugh. Nothing like a pep talk from Con to make me forget my troubles for the night.

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