Girl's Generation's

"I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan! I got a boy handsome boy nae mam da kajyeogan.
I got a boy meotjin! I got a boy chakhan!
I got a boy awesome boy wahnjeon banhaenna bwah
Ah! nae wahngjanim! eonje I momeul kuhareo wah jushil tenkayo?"
*I'm crazy about this girl band. they are very pretty, although many say that they do plastic surgery. but I don't care. they are still my idol. now I'm listening to their song "i got a boy". after I saw their video clip on youtube, in terms of costumes, they really look chic. much use of colors. Falling love with them!!! :3
but unfortunately, when they was a concert in Indonesia, I'm not coming :((
I really want to see their performance directly.
Go Go GG!!! <3 <3 *

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Wrote three years ago
Just the pictures I've been looking for! Perfect for my "battle of the sones" :) quick question: is Yuri in any of them? im having trouble finding a picture of her

Wrote three years ago
thanks sweetie @emavera <3

Wrote three years ago
Amazing set, dear! Beautiful pictures!


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