Girls of New York [GNY] - Naima Atkins

Name: Naima Atkins
Age: 21
Likes: Fashion, classiness, elegant, shopping, reading, vintage movies, classy events, high fashion, travelling and designing.
Dislikes: Bad smells, economic class, low class people, irony, hideous fashion.
Bio: Naima needs to be at the top of everything. Being second is not acceptable for her. She’s ambitious and snobby. This obsession of her for perfection often translates in some serious insecurities that can really mess her up. She’s always been know as the one with the perfect wardrobe – being her mother a well-know fashion designer, good taste is in her blood. It was no surprise that she decided to be part of the fashion industry. And for someone who craves success as much as her, Vogue was clearly the only option.
Job: Fashion assistant
Relationship Status: In a relationship
Model: Emily DiDonato
@ribbonsandkisses @paula-v

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@ribbonsandkisses @paula-v


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