Here are a couple of bios for those of you who don't want to do one from scratch. Feel free to change anything you want, but let me know :3 and those of you who like to create your own character, feel free to do so!

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Name: Chantal Von Houten
Age: 23
Occupation: Big spender, duh
Likes: Shoes, bags, designer clothes, her black AmEx, her boyfriend, being popular
Dislikes: cheap clothes, yellow teeth, fake tanning, matchy-matchy clothes, responsabilities
Bio: Chantal is the perfect example of what a Hamptons kid is. She's a trust fund baby, doesn't have a job and doesn't plan to have one. In fact, she doesn't even study. Why bother? Her dad can buy her a continent if he wanted. What she enjoys the most is to help others get rid of their bad fashion sense and turn into one of her minions. Her “friends” do everything for her, she just has to say the word. 
Relationship status: In a relationship with Cole Evans
Model: Rosie Huntington Whiteley
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Name: Harriet Stevens
Age: 20
Occupation: Full time student
Likes: Being part of The Posse, Chantal, her Louboutins, push up bras, lipgloss
Dislikes: Having to watch her weight constantly, carbs, 
Bio: Harriet is one of Chantal's most prized possessions. She was a nerd turned into swan. No one would look at Harriet before, but ever since she lost weight, she's more desirable than ever. Everyone wants to be her and she likes it. But she doesn't really like to count calories. Thankfully, with all the school work and charity work that Chantal's making her do, she has a full schedule and little time to worry about eating junk food. But is Harriet ready for her close up? Will she be able to keep the weight off and maintain her spot in The Posse?
Relationship status: Single
Model: Skye Stracke
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Name: Beth Von Houten
Age: 22
Occupation: Student
Likes: being alone, reading, listening to music on her earphones, bright colors
Dislikes: The Posse, drama, anything that reminds her of her sister, imperfections
Bio: Beth is a loner. It's not her fault she's Chantal's sister. In fact, she doesn't even like her sister. They barely talk to each other and she likes it that way. Beth hates the way The Posse acts around Chantal and how they all do things for her sister, while she has to earn everything she owns. Beth is a hard working student, keeping a full time job while juggling with college and house chores. Unlike Chantal, Beth already has her life planned and as soon as she can leave The Hamptons, she'll gladly will.
Relationship status: On/off relationship
Model: Candice Swanepoel
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Name: Annabelle McGowan
Age: 19
Occupation: Ballerina
Likes: dancing, music, shoes, 
Bio: Annabelle is a southern belle with a habit of stealing things from others. She can't really help it and that's the only reason why she's here in The Hamptons: to take away all that she can from others. Annabelle didn't come that far just so that she'd leave with nothing... Instead, she's planning on getting engaged in a couple of months with one of these rich trust fund boys. Or at least, to seduce a businessman so that she can leave with a hefty check. Any one of those options will do. But will Annabelle be able to accomplish that? Or is she gonna get caught in the act? She surely will earn a lot of enemies along the road.
Relationship status: Single and looking
Model: Kendra Spears
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Name: Olivia Calloway
Age: 22
Occupation: Fashion designer
Likes: her car, the Hawthornes, playing by her own rules, freedom, power
Dislikes: Chantal, The Posse, fake b.tches, fruity scents, bo.ob jobs
Bio: Olivia arrived to The Hamptons by mistake in the summer of 2006, having just passed her driving test. She was escaping home because it got really bad, but instead ended up finding even worse. Her car broke down in the middle of the road and having a beat up car in an upscale place like this isn't really the best thing that could happen to you. The Posse humiliated her like no other, especially that b.tch Chantal. But the Hawthorne family stood up for Olivia, welcoming her home and helping her to make a name for herself. She went away for some years and now she's back, better than ever, plotting a sweet vengeance against those who did her wrong.
Relationship status: Barely single
Model: Anna (Christine) Speckhart
Taken by: @ingrid

Name: Simone Sinclair
Age: 21
Occupation: Model
Likes: fashion week, Paris, traveling, honesty, getting even
Dislikes: humiliation, cliques, gossip, insecurites, flaws
Bio: Simone Sinclair made a mistake long time ago. She trusted the Posse with something considered important back then and since then regretted it. Senior year of high school, Simone wanted to be part of the Posse badly. She told them she had a crush on the hottie Luke Vanderhall, captain of the polo team. Simone couldn’t believe how lucky she was, when Luke asked her out. They went out a couple of times when he ended things by publicly, humiliating Simone. Feeling wounded and stupid, she went back to her so called ‘friends’ for moral support, to find out the Posse had planned it. Years later, after graduating from an Ivy League College and currently modeling professionally, Simone’s finally back at the Hamptons. And she only has one thing in mind: revenge.
Relationship status: Single, for now...
Model: Sandrah Hellberg
Taken by: @tania-l

Name: Catharine “Cat” Adams
Age: 21
Occupation: Event planner
Likes: tea, truth, valor, her father, solitude
Dislikes: the Von Houtens, corruption, when people tell her what to do, busy streets
Bio: Catharine trusted the Von Houtens like no other, simply because Chantal was her best friend when they were kids. Little did Cat know that they were responsible for ruining her father's career, effectively making them disappear from The Hamptons. After all these years she's back, ready to take what belongs to her and to restore her father's honor. It's not easy plotting against the most powerful family in The Hamptons, but Catharine is smart and it's very possible for her to overthrow their reign. However, will Cat continue with her revenge or will she be stopped before she completely fulfills her wish?
Relationship status: Single
Model: Caroline Trentini
Taken by: @followyourbliss
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