Girly movies I like

I have never really been into girly movies.But these movies are ones that I actually enjoy over and over again.
  • This Means War
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    "This movie was so perf to me. I loved all the tension that went on and the spy stuff was awesome. I personally adored Tuck. The story was really interesting. And the fact that it had two smexy guys, didn't hurt either ;)" — @zanabooboo
    Romantische actiekomedie waarin twee bevriende CIA-agenten elkaar de oorlog verklaren als blijkt dat zij dezelfde vriendin hebben
  • AB Goes To The Movies Just Wright
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    "I like Common and Queen Latifah is awesome. The story actually seems real and its not totally girly and sappy." — @zanabooboo
  • The Truth About Cats Dogs
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    "I heard about this but never saw it til i got older.I adore Janeane Garofalo in this movie. And while ive never been much for Uma Thurman, she was enjoyable in this.It was a really touching movie and i rather enjoyed it alot." — @zanabooboo
    Directed by Michael Lehmann. With Uma Thurman, Janeane Garofalo, Ben Chaplin, Jamie Foxx. A successful veternarian & radio show host with low self-esteem asks her model friend to impersonate her when a handsome man wants to see her.
  • Addicted to Love (1997)
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    "PERFECTION.i have seen this movie about 300 times and i still love it.Everythign about this movie is perfect. If youve never seen it, i recomend it.By the end of the movie you will be addicted to love :)" — @zanabooboo
    Addicted to Love (1997) photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.
  • Can’t Buy Me Love (1987) Full Movie
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    "This movie is perf.The acting is perf.Everything is perf.It tells you that money (cue music) CANT BUY ME LOVE" — @zanabooboo
  • My Fake Fiancé
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    "I love them together. Shes bossya nd hes annoying.It fits perfectly. I could watch this over and over and i still find it cute. Sappy? Yes, but i still love it" — @zanabooboo
  • Kate Leopold
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    "I love this movie.First off, I adore Hugh Jackman.So freaking sexy mmm. The whole idea of this story, i adored.The plot was def very interesting. And Leoplod was such a gentleman, you cant find guys like that anymore." — @zanabooboo
    Directed by James Mangold. With Meg Ryan, Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber, Breckin Meyer. Kate and her actor brother live in N.Y. in the 21st Century. Her ex-boyfriend, Stuart, lives above her apartment. Stuart finds a space near the Brooklyn Bridge where there is a gap in time. He goes back to the 19th Century and takes pictures of the place. Leopold -- a man living in the 1870s -- is puzzled by Stuart's tiny camera, follows him back through the gap, and they both ended up in the...
  • I'm sexy and I know it
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    "I really liked this cause it reminded me of how even though your family can be REALLY crazy sometimes, family is family." — @zanabooboo
    Luke Wilson. If you haven't seen The Family Stone, do so.
  • Luke Wilson - The Hollywood Gossip
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    "The movie is Alex and Emma. Their relationship is interesting and the story that they are writing sucks me in.All in all, it created a perfect little love triangle that hooked you in and had a sweet story that kept me interested." — @zanabooboo
  • When in Rome Poster - Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery
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    "I like the idea of this movie.You know, with the whole, Love fountain idea. It might be a little cheesy to some, but i adored it.Plus all the guys actors where really funnny..... and sexy" — @zanabooboo
  • The Ugly Truth Movie Poster #2 - Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery
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    "I never get bored of this m,ovie.From the moment i saw how Heigl and Butler reacted to each other, i was hooked.They have such a spicy chemistry and this movie has good laughs." — @zanabooboo
    High res movie poster image for The Ugly Truth
  • Photos from When Harry Met Sally...
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    "I didnt see this movie til i was about 17.I finally watched it and i fell in love imadiatley with it.Harry and Sally are two people that steal my heart right from the start.Not to mention,all the laughs you will get from the movies constant question "Can men and women ever really be just friends?" And i know im not the only girl that learned how to fake an orgasm from the restaurant scene. Am i right ladies? Haha" — @zanabooboo
  • It's Complicated Poster - Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery
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    "This basically explains life.Love,Sex,Relationships and even Friends. Its just....... complicated." — @zanabooboo
  • Made of Honor Poster - Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery
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    "This was recomended by a friend of mine and i actually liked it.I thought it was gonna be really dumb, what with the whole "Guy realizes he loves girl on her wedding day" plot, but it was still entertaining.And ive always loved Patrick Dempsey." — @zanabooboo
  • Photos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding
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    "One of my absolute faves ever.My brother even likes this movie.I dont know if its really considered a girly movie or not though.Her family reminds me so much of mine, they are so freaking crazy its unreal." — @zanabooboo
  • 27 Dresses Movie Poster #5 - Internet Movie Poster Awards Gallery
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    "I could watch this movie over and over again and i will still love it. I love the way this story went." — @zanabooboo
    High res movie poster image for 27 Dresses
  • love actually
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    "I just simply love this.Everyones story was fabolous and it all strung together so well.It really showed you that Christmas is such a loving time and that all you reallly need is love. Although money doesnt hurt either ha" — @zanabooboo
  • Meg Ryan’s Spanish-Style House in “Hanging Up”
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    "Don't know if this is considered a girly movie but it's one of my faves.Meg Ryan is awesome and I love David Matheu.I love the relationship between her and her sisters and I love the lesson of the movie.Sometimes you just have to: Hang up" — @zanabooboo
  • Take the Lead Pictures & Photos - Take The Lead
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    "Everything about this movie I love.The music,the actors,the chemistry and the dancing.I wish I could dance like the people in here but oh well. Plus if Antonio Banderas was my dance instructor, it would be yumm yumm ;)" — @zanabooboo
  • movie posters - Movies Photo (11136741) - Fanpop
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    "Considered a very girly movie,I still love this.No matter how many times I tell myself I don't like girly movies,every time I watch this I sing along.Plus,the actors who play her dads are sexy ;)" — @zanabooboo
  • Juno, Ellen Page, DVD - Barnes & Noble
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    "This is one of those really girly movies according to everyone,but it's one of my personal faves.Ellen Page is darling and she makes an adorable couple with Michael Cera." — @zanabooboo
  • Leap Year
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    "I really loved this.I found their chemistry cute and the way they fall in love so quickly is sweet." — @zanabooboo
    Directed by Anand Tucker. With Amy Adams, Matthew Goode, Adam Scott, John Lithgow. Anna Brady plans to travel to Dublin, Ireland to propose marriage to her boyfriend Jeremy on Leap Day, because, according to Irish tradition, a man who receives a marriage proposal on a leap day must accept it.
  • Photos from The Princess Bride
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    "My absolute fave is all I can say about this perfect film." — @zanabooboo
  • Penelope
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    "Now some people found this really dumb.The whole idea is a little different but I love it.I've always loved James Mcavoy and his charecter in here was just darling.Despite the fact that this movie is considered really cheesy,I found it darling." — @zanabooboo
    View photos from Penelope (2006) on IMDb!
  • While You Were Sleeping Movie Review | Sky Movies HD
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    "When I was younger,I saw this with my mom.I found it boring.When I got older I rewatched it and I loved it.I love Sandra Bullock's character and the plot is really nice." — @zanabooboo
  • Terms of Endearment (1983)
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    "This movie is perfect to me.Their relationship is just like me and my moms.This movie makes me cry a little sometimes because it's so much how life is." — @zanabooboo
  • Photos from The Other End of the Line
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    "I loved the plot of this.They were very cute together and her family made me laugh." — @zanabooboo
  • jane-eyre.jpg (550×366)
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    "Someone told me this was an awful movie.I disagree.I rather enjoyed it and I found their love to be quite interesting." — @zanabooboo
  • Fools Rush In
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    "I've always loved Mathew Perry and he didn't disappoint me in this.I loved their chemistry and it made me laugh." — @zanabooboo
    View photos from Fools Rush In (1997) on IMDb!

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