Giselle Molinari-Harris

Name: Giselle Molinari-Harris
Family: 0945
Age: 18
Looks: Below
Bio: The beautiful Giselle was born in New York, with her older brother Alexandre and her single mother, Helen Harris. When Giselle was 7, the small, slightly wealthy family re-located to Tuscany, for her mothers work. There Helen met Gianni Molinari, and they were married within a year. The entire family moved in together, and they are all quite close, although Aldo and Dante have both moved out. Alessandra looks up to Giselle, which is the only reason Giselle keeps her anger with anything away from home. Alexandre was never a good rolemodel for her, and she didn't want Ale to grow up the same way. Giselle is best friends with Bianca Lombardi, ever since the eighth grade.
Home: 1307
Interests: dance, gossip, fame, fashion, Paris.
Personality: Smiley, sweet, happy, determined, bold, sassy, creative, artistic.
Clique: The Vita Bellas
Hobbies: Dance, dance, and more dance. Mostly acrobatic and ballet.
Dreams and goals: To become a famous ballerina, and to be the most popular girl in school.
Secret (s): Find out! ;)

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