Alaska de Sauveterre
monday 31st of december, 2012; New Years Party. Theme Masquerade. The masks come of at midnight.

It wasn't hard to recognise who was who despite the dress-up and the masks that everyone wore. It was the hair colour, the height and voices that made it all easy and crack past the mystery of the night. I spoke to Aria about the outfit she had chosen and how much I adored it.

Adore had to be an understatement; a part of me wished that I had such a figure to wear something so extravagent and beautiful. 

"You're making me blush, stop it" Aria laughed, pushing my shoulder gently and smiled wide. "You put me to shame, Ally" she told me but I shook my head.

I looked down at the dress I had chosen after hours of shopping and looking through dresses and thinking that I'd never find the right one. I think I might have chosen it because I was growing weary and tired toward the end of that day.

"This isn't very fancy though" I shrugged casually and sipped the glass of wine I held; something that I had kept hidden since my birthday. I knew if one of the girls knew there was expensive wine in the house, they'd drink it for entertainment.

"Are you kidding? Where's Scott because I'm sure you'd be driving him insane" Aria smiled. "But remind him, not too loud because we might want to sleep in early hours of the morning."

"I'll remind him" I laughed. "Who am I kidding, I should be warning you too. No loud noises" Aria pointed at me and then gave me a 'tsk tsk.'

I jumped as I felt a hand on my butt and my heart almost leaped out of my chest. "Hey there" Scott whispered, causing Aria to smirk and laugh.

"You knew he was there" I pouted, "I think I almost had a heart attack" I frowned.

"I thought you'd like the thrill" Aria joked, glancing away as Scott's lips found mine and they didn't want to leave. "Later" I had to tell, pulling away gently for Aria's benefit.

"Promise?" he pouted. "If you control yourself, now, we'll see" I grinned, in return he let out a playful sigh and kept his arms around me.

"Sorry" I felt the need to apologise for the romantic show. "It's nothing" Aria shook her head, "but I should let you guys be before the countdown."

"Countdown, something I'm looking forward to" Scott grinned. "How many drinks has he had?" Aria questioned, tilting her head slightly.

"I've only had one and now, I'm eyeing off Ally's wine" Scott said defensively. "You could eyeing off other things so lets be glad it's the wine" Aria laughed before hugging me and leaving.

"You look beautiful tonight" Scott told me. We saw eye to eye due to my high heels that Scotland helped me choose. I didn't see myself as a fashion guru, to be honest.

"So do you" I grinned.

"Beautiful? Me?" Scott paused, "are you kidding? I'm fabulous" he chuckled.

I shook my head just as everyone started to count down from 10.










Whilst everyone took off their masks, I left mine on and again our lips met. We both ignored whatever the others were doing and continued kissing.

What a perfect start to the new year.

I couldn't have asked for a better start.
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