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"So guys." I said to Ally and Scott who were wearing matching blushes. "Liam and I were thinking about going out to celebrate and were wondering if you wanted to come."

 "If you don't we totally get why , I mean you looked pretty happy before." Liam said from beside me shifting his arm from my shoulder to my back. Ally blushed more and Scott looked down embrassed. 

 "We were going to go to this Thai place , It's still open and the food is pretty good." I said "Or we could go to Macca's and eat yummy junk food." Liam said from beside me. "Macca's is open 24/7 by the way." I looked up at him shaking my head.

"If you end up choosing Macca's, you might be going alone" Ally said causing Liam to sigh, I squeezed his hand "Maybe next time." I said under my breath. "And Aria knows I'm a health freak"She added , I had no idea why she was one. The girl was skinny tall stick of skinnyness. Also for such a health freak she hardly does any excerise which makes her a bigger skinny stick of nothing. It made absolutely no sense.

. "I don't know why you're a health freak, Ally" I shook my head, grinning, "you're naturally slim and tall." 

 "Not to mention, you make me feel short without my heels" I added leaning into Liam , short compared to Ally. Perfect size for snuggling into Liam. I think i won.

 "This is when you're supposed to tell Ally she doesn't need to be a health freak" Liam spoke looking over Scott who was giving him the shut up or kill you which in Scott's language is shut up or i will lick you to death. Hardly frightening. I elbowed him slightly. "Nice but not now." I muttered.

"Okay seriously stop doing that and what did i say wrong , Isn't that what a good boyfriend is supposed to say." Liam complained "I am pretty sure that is all One Direction sing about and girls love them." I felt slightly bad for making Liam shut up , he was trying to do that right thing and apart from that he made a 1d reference. Glad he hadn't heard the new song or the conversation would have got slightly uncomfortable again.

 "I don't" Ally said from beside Scott. 

"Well, maybe, not all girls" Liam replied, "if that's what you really are" he said jokingly, laughing a little.

 "I'm a girl and I'm not proving it to you either"She stated. Well i am glad , If she started 'proving' she was a girl Scott had done a little to much for her confidence.

 "It's all good, you only have to prove it to Scott" Liam said. Ally looked down embarrassed, I shook my head biting my lip. Liam was having way to much fun with these two.

"So what was up with that other team?" I asked changing the subject hoping it would stop Liam from making anymore comments to Ally. She already looked embarrassed enough.

 "I don't know they were just crazy , did you see that big guy try and take out Scott?" Liam said "Did you say something about his mum or something?" he said looking over at Scott. "Nope" He shook his head "I just had the ball and he came at me."

 "Are you sure you're okay?" Ally asked Scott. I rolled my eyes had she not listened when i said he was fine. Apart from knowing Scott was not easy to hurt , I had seen enough soccer matches in my time. Scott nodded. I was right.

 "I told you not to worry" I smiled widely. People should really listen to me more often. "I told you the boy can take on walls" I added laughing a little.

 "You told Ally I walked into a wall?"

 "No, the time when you ran into a wall" I corrected him causing him blush even more.

 "We've all been there" Liam shrugged casually. Oh yes people just run into walls everyday.

 "I'm sorry but I don't go around running into walls like you and your little friend" I said laughing slightly. 

 "Hear that, Ally? Scott's little" Liam grinned wide, he had such a cheesy yet wicked grin. "That's not what I meant, Liam" I spoke in a warning tone. 

."And even if she did know shouldn't you be worried." Ally spoke , I looked over at slightly impressed at her taking on Liam and slightly disturbed that she would suggest i have seen. Nope not okay.

 'Why would i be worried , I am not the one with the tiny.." 

 "I'm not tiny!" Scott yelled , I shot him a sympathetic look , Not the best conversation to have on your first kinda date.

 "Well you should be worried because your girlfriend has seen your bestfriend's.." Ally began.

 "Oh god." I muttered shaking my head. "How about we let Ally and Scott figure out sizing Liam."

"I thought it'd be nice to give her a warning" Liam mumbled apologetically but his grin said he was far from sorry. "Your being mean." I whispered looking over at Scott and Ally who were walking silently. He rolled his eyes at me "Aria let me have my fun." 

 "What cat got your tongue, Ally?" Liam smiled wide, letting out a chuckle. 

 "How do you put up with him?" Ally asked me quietly as Liam and Scott made there way in to deal with the employee's.

. "He makes up for it thankfully" I said, "I'm kidding, Ally" I paused, "I'm good with kids, it helps." I said half joking, half real.

"So your his girlfriend and baby sitter?" Ally asked.

 "No. Generally he isn't that bad , I mean Scott is his bestfriend and i have been dating him for over a year so he has some redeeming features." I said "Plus sometimes being immature with the guys is fun."

 "Anyway how are you Ally?" I asked quietly "With all of the Scott thing?"

"It's different and I haven't much time for my brain to process what is actually happening" She paused, "I'm surprised I'm not a mess." She said letting a small laugh out and fixing her hair.

 "You could never look like a mess, Ally" I smiled, wrapping an arm around her shoulder and squeezing a little. "And it's the happiest I've seen Scott in a while, you should be happy too."

 "I never said I wasn't happy"She said with an a supposedly innocent smile. So wasn't "Because believe me if I could happy dance right now without being judged, I would." she said laughing , i laughed along. She obviously hadn't been to a Thai resturant late at night , no one judges.

 "I thought I told you I like having the window seat" I joked as we approached the boys. Liam moved from the seat which caused me to smile. Haha take that Ally , Liam was an awesome boyfriend.

 "Oh, Ally, you should be careful" Liam said, picking up a menu.Ally raised an eyebrow , even i was mildly interested . "You might want to keep an eye on where Scott's hands are" Liam finished not glancing up from the menu. I placed my own hand his thigh making sure my nails dug in a gesture i hoped said stop being a

"Scott wouldn't do anything Ally isn't comfortable with , Would you Scott?" I said smiling sweetly at Scott but making sure he heard my warning. Don't push it. 

 "No I " Scott began 

 "He kissed her. I am pretty she wasn't comfortable with that at the start but now look at them." Liam said gesturing to the couple.

"Liam, you're not cupid" Ally interrupted quietly, "now, decide what you want to eat, please." I scrunched my face up a little. Liam's point was an accurate.

 "I never said I was" Liam said in a matter-of-fact tone, smiling wide. "But I'd make a pretty darn good-looking Cupid, ay" he added, nodding slowly. 

 "Whatever, just stop with the comments" She said looking back down to her menu.

"You'd make a hot cupid." I whispered to Liam poking him slightly while Ally and Scott ordered. 

"You know it."

The waiter's attention turned to us. "Want me to pay? " I asked putting my head on his shoulder. He raised an eyebrow "You never offer to pay for food. Your are the prettiest free loader ever." Liam added. "Its because you won. So yay or nay?"

"Sure why not?" he said pressing my nose down grinning.

"Stop it."
 "What'd you order?" Scott asked Liam, I turned back to the other couple grinning. 

"Food. Why are you worried my meal won't enough for me?" Liam said with a teasing grin. "Babe be nice or i will bring up how you acted on our first date." I said tilting my head to the side and smiling at evily. 

 "You wouldn't?"

 "Didn't he.." Scott began 

"Shut up right now or i will lock you out of your dorm." Liam said glarring "And you are meant to be on Team Liam." he said pointing to me outraged. "How could you bring that up?"

 "Well it wasn't that bad , I am still dating you aren't i?" I said squeezing his hand under the table.

"Surprisingly" Scott interrupted, "I think she might be dating you out of sympathy." 

 "She's dating me because I'm amazing!" Liam replied defensively, crossing his arms. "Tell him, Aria, tell him you love me because I'm awesome and stuff" he demanded. 

 "Well" I said slowly, earning an offended expression from Liam, "I'm kidding." I said planting a kiss on his cheek and continued holding his other hand. "I adore you because you're special" I said grinning.

 "And it's not the type of special you're mother calls you either" Scott added, grinning. 

 "Shut up and talk to your girlfriend" Liam said, turning to meand pouting. "Why do they keep picking on me?" he questioned, resting his head on her shoulder. 

 "In Scott's defence, you should be able to tolerate what you dish" I said playing with his hair.
 "Whose side are you on?"

 "Stop being such a drama queen"I shook her head, smiling; Liam started to argue but i think he had done enough off that for the night and the easiest way to shut Liam up is to kiss him.

"No more talking kay?" I said breathlessly as we pulled away from each other.
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