name/age; Katherine Elizabeth Robertson/23
occupation; Biochemist (in med school to become a neurologist)
scenario; Kat met her boyfriend when she went to South Korea with a friend who was going to visit family. Her boyfriend is a Korean pop-star who fell in love with her at first sight. She became pregnant shortly after he moved in with her in Atlanta.

likes; baking, chemistry, shopping, K-pop, dress up, F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Roaring Twenties, sci-fi, old Hollywood memoirs, old cars, Krispy Kreme, Tumblr, Halloween, Apple products, Bath&Body Works, Lush, Victoria's Secret, fashion shows, animals, knee-high socks, hair dye, gardening, archery, platform heels, fried Oreos.

dislikes; oranges, Christmas, romantic movies, college, peanut butter, mini-vans, green beans, football, flying, children, Facebook, talking on the phone, visiting home, custard, distance, e-readers, Blu-Ray players, arguing over politics, pain, Louisiana, guns, waking up early, girl bands, religion, jewelry.

bio; Katherine Robertson grew up in a small, backwoods Louisiana town. She always hated her home town and now, living in Atlanta, she misses it more than anything. Katherine never figured she’d even have a boyfriend, let alone get married because throughout her high school life, she was never even asked on a date. This beautiful girl was regarded as strange because of her know-it-all attitude and obsession with things her classmates had never even heard of. Kat always promised she would get out of Louisiana and she finally has. She’s working for one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world as a researcher and hopes to go on and become a neurologist. Now, she’s not so sure what she’s going to do. She’s been living sort of day to day with her insane relationship with one of K-Pop’s biggest stars and now with a baby coming, she doesn’t even know how her dreams of becoming a doctor will become a reality. She’s worried about almost everything and stress is definitely not good for a baby. Kat’s trying her hardest to figure this all out but since she’s on her own, it’s going to be incredibly hard but as her parents always told her, nothing in life worth having is easy.
model; kate harrison
taken by; @dark-blue-doll
>describe your family; Well, my family is very traditional. They weren’t very happy when I came home with Jae because he didn’t speak the best English but I guess they’re learning. We’re pretty close, or at least we used to be. I’ve been too focused on my career and future lately. I’m really close to my grandmother, though. We’re always talking on the phone and she’s always sending me things on Facebook or texting me. Yeah, she’s pretty high tech. My mom and I have always had this sort of love-hate relationship. I mean, she’s great but she’s crazy. She even takes medication for it. It’s always hard when she doesn’t even listen to me. My dad, he means well but he’s always been a little over-bearing. He didn’t listen to me much, either. I mean, I tried and they did too, I guess, but none of us are very open people. They all have these traditional Southern religious beliefs and they’re pretty redneck. My sister and I do not get along at all. She’s a complete hypocrite who’s overbearing and so set in her ways that it’s like trying to lead a horse to water and make it drink. With all her weapons for hunting, she makes me a little nervous. No way is my child going to visit her. My great grandmother is just as bad as the rest of them. She’s so mean it’s not even funny. Everyone else is either dead, in an asylum, in jail, or off-shore working on an oil rig. Being southern is great, right?

>how do you feel about being pregnant? To be honest, I don’t really know. I don’t like children. At all. I can stand them for about ten minutes and then it’s back to the parents they go. Unless they’re over the age of five. After five, I can handle kids pretty well. I mean, I have no patience. The only thing I’ve been patient about is my career. And having a child is going to throw that completely off. Plus, Jae is never home and my family lives quite a ways away. This is not going to go well. Not at all. 

>why should you be chosen for What To Expect...? I have no real idea why I should be chosen. I mean, I guess it would be nice to show people that not all women want children, even if they do end up having them. It might be beneficial to some people going through the same thing. I mean, not that many women are dating pop stars, but there are tons of southern girls with boyfriends their families hate and there are tons of women who stress about having a baby and maintaining a career and maybe I could share what I learn from this experience with them and make things a little easier on them. 

Soundtrack: Give Me Love, Ed Sheeran.

“Do you really have to leave so soon?”

Jae smiled sadly down at me. His eyes fluttered closed as he leaned down to pull me into one last kiss before mumbling, “Yes. I’m so sorry. I love you, Kat.”

I sighed and held on to him a little longer before finally letting go when Ty came around the corner looking for him. “Have fun on tour. Don’t let the fangirls harass any of you. And please, for the love of God, don’t lose your laptop this time around. Last time you were touring in the US, you had a problem keeping up with your things.”

Jae laughed and shook his head at me. “Don’t hurt yourself while I’m gone. You are so clumsy. You slammed your foot in the door just last night,” Jae reminded me with a smirk.

“I may be clumsy but you’re an ass. Have fun on tour, love.”

“Of course. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

And with that, Ty and Jae waved and headed toward the car that would take them to the airport. They would begin their tour in Los Angeles and end up in New York. A total of about a month and a half of touring, one of the shortest yet, but still far too long.

Being in a relationship with a touring musician sucks sometimes. You’re almost always alone, you have to worry about insane fangirls, and people who don’t even know you talk shit about you all over the internet. It’s not very fun until you look at the time you actually get to spend with your significant other.

I stood, wrapped in my own thoughts as I watched the car’s tail lights fade into the distance. I didn’t notice Xia appear beside me and I didn’t pay attention the growing nausea I felt. The only things on my mind were Jae, midterms, and work. Everything just piled up.

“You know,” Xia began, nearly giving me a heart attack, “I’ve never seen Jae this into a relationship.”

“He was the “ladies man” of the group, right?”

“Used to be,” she assured me as she wrapped an arm around my shoulders. “He’s too worried about keeping you to even pay attention to the fangirls anymore. He loves you. I wouldn’t be surprised if he asked you to marry him before the year is over.”

“That’s only, like, a month. They’re not even going to be home before the year is over. Anyway, I don’t feel so hot. You want to go grab some stuff from the store and head back to my place to watch movies?”

“Can we watch something other than horror this time? I hate those gross zombie movies you and Jae always watch.”

“I hate those sappy love stories you and Ty always watch.”

Xia stuck her tongue out at me before linking our arms and pushing me to begin our journey to the store.


Two hours later, Xia and I were wrapped under blankets on the couch, watching some lame Christmas movie she found on Lifetime. I felt the nausea once again and couldn’t help but get up and run to the bathroom.

I heard quick steps follow me and the door close shortly after I hit the ground by the toilet. “Wow, Kat. When you said you hated Christmas and sappy movies I didn’t know it would drive you to being ill.”

I groaned at her lame joke and leaned back against the bright red wall. “,” I groaned, “I hate puking. I’ve always hated puking. Puking is the worst thing ever.”

“What happened? I mean, have you been sick this whole time or was it just gradual?”

“I didn’t feel so hot this morning but it went away. It just hit me again, I guess. What’s today, it might be period related. I always get weird as hell and brand new symptoms ever month. Backache, headache, stomachache, nausea, heartburn, cramps from the devil himself; it never ceases. I’m ready for fuc.king menopause. It should be a breeze compared to this”

“How long until you’re period’s supposed to start?”

“Uh, it starts on the 15th. What’s today?”

“Kat, are you really that caught up in everything?”

“What, it can’t be that much past the fifteenth, can it? I mean, my period is never on time. Few days early, few days late; it has a mind of its own.”

“Kat, it’s the 25th. Ten days, love. Do you and Jae always use a condom?”

“Yeah,” I murmured, trying to think back, “I mean, I think so. Well, I guess the night he came home we were in too big a hurry to think about it. But I’m on the pill. I should be okay, right? I mean, I can’t have a kid.”

“Come on,” she sighed as she stood and held her hand out to me.

I glanced at it before taking it and stalking after her.

We rushed down the street to the Walgreens by mine and Jae’s apartment. After picking out several different pregnancy tests, Xia tugged me along after her. I stared on awkwardly as Xia paid with the money I’d handed her before we entered the store. It would just be too real if I actually picked them out and paid for them myself. I was still hoping it could be nothing more than a figment of Xia’s imagination and a trick of my body.

But all the hope I’d had went down the drain as we sat and stared at the tests. Each one read positive. Every single test. 

I hadn’t cried in what felt like forever but the moment that stupid little plus sign popped up, I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing. This couldn’t be happening. Not to me, not now. I never wanted kids and I couldn’t help but feel that this entire thing would do nothing but ruin my life. That’s not how you’re supposed to feel about having children. 

Before I knew it, I was hyperventilating. Xia rubbed my back as I gasped out, “I don’t want this. I’m going to be a horrible mother. I can’t do this.”

She sighed and pulled me into a hug. “It’ll be alright, Kat. You know Jae wants children and he’ll be thrilled to find this out. You’ll be great parents, okay. Just breathe, it’ll be alright.”

I just couldn’t help but think that nothing would be alright.

-xoxo, kat robertson.

{Hm. I like Kat. And I get to use GD. His personality will shine through more later. Right now the only glimpse is him leaving. He’ll be super happy and adorable later, promise. Okay. So, uh, yeah. I hope my audition is different enough? I don’t know. I tried and I actually like an audition of mine for once….}
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