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plot ; girl was the most innocent person you could ever meet, she was sweet, ditzy and pure. but she had a boyfriend, and he was the opposite of that, he was cunning and got involved with the wrong people, he dealt drugs, done drugs and got involved in gang crimes - and she's completely oblivious to it all. but one night she catches him smoking and everything that his been hiding from her just unravels, she's devastated and leaves him, returning to the ranch to work for her father. but he needs her, she's the only thing that keeps him from losing it all, so he follows her. trying to make it up to her. and they start falling in love all over again.

harry ; you
cher ; me

i'll start. i already wrote my part. i'll just put it in the comments. c:
but there will probably be a lot of errors because i'm tired. :p

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Wrote three years ago
okay I'll reply tomorrow because i have to go and post my set tomorrow as well c:

Wrote three years ago
` with a wide grin spread across her soft pink lips, cher shut the car door behind her after she stepped out on the pavement. she was going to see her boyfriend, harry, to tell him the plan she had decided on earlier. a few weeks back, her father had asked her if she wanted to live on his ranch and work for him. she had been indecisive for quite a while, but she had finally decided just to stay. it would be better for her and harry's relationship and she thought he'd be happy to hear the news. after knocking softly on the front door, her gaze dropped down to her feet as she waited. a few minutes passed without an answer. furrowing her brow, the girl curiously reached a hand forward and tried the door, stepping inside when she realized it was unlocked, the brunette eagerly dashed toward the staircase, wanting to see her boyfriend as soon as possible. reaching his room, she pulled open the door without knocking. that was when she came to a complete halt, her eyes widening. the sight in front of her eyes was horrifying, along with the smell that she inhaled right when she opened the door. on the floor, there were a few empty beer bottles rolled on their sides, but that wasn't the worst part. standing at the window was harry, smoking a joint. she was completely speechless. her body refused to move. she didn't know what to feel. this wasn't harry. harry never acted like this, or that's what she thought, at least. "w-what are you doing?" cher's voice came out a bit louder than she had expected, her voice trembling as she continued to stare, backing toward the door. she just wanted to run away. all of the joy and happiness had been sucked right out of her as she stared at her boyfriend fearfully.

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