Give Me Therapy // open characters

The current open band members have been listed. I've also thrown in the reserved band members, since they haven't technically been taken yet.
I've listed the reserved soloists, but there are still plenty out there, I just couldn't list them all in the open section. If you would like suggestions for soloists, just let me know! I've got plenty!
If you have any bands of soloists you would like to use that aren't listed, just run it by me! These aren't the only people you have to choose from!
Group link:
The characters:
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  • Buzznet (16) | The Maine's Blog - Buzznet
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  • Girl in Love Cross My Heart And Hope To Die
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  • Mayday Parade
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  • meg and dia
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    ``Carlo Gimenez
    ``Jonathan Snyder
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  • Awesome Music / Memphis May Fire
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    "{ Memphis May Fire }
    ``Matty Mullins ~ reserved { abby-loves-you }
    ``Anthony Sepe
    ``Cory Elder
    ``Jake Garland
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  • AMP Magazine – modern day escape – 2012
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    "{ Modern Day Escape }
    ``James Vegas
    ``Mark Burn
    ``Marti Rubels
    ``Shep" — @song-of-storms
  • Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge 23551
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    "{ My Chemical Romance }
    ``Frank Iero
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  • My Satellite w/ A House for Lions, City City, and DJ set by John Glenn and Vaab (of The New Division)
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    ``Andy Marshall
    ``Justin Paul
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  • New Years Day |
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    ``Russell Dixon" — @song-of-storms
  • An image of Of Mice & Men
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    "{ Of Mice & Men }
    ``Alan Ashby ~ reserved { imafuckedupkid }
    ``Phil Manansala
    ``Tino Arteaga" — @song-of-storms
    Top tracks from Of Mice & Men: Second & Sebring, My Understandings & more. Of Mice & Men is a metalcore band formed in Costa Mesa, California, United States in 2009 by Austin Carlile and Jaxin Hall. Their current line-up consists of Austin Carlile (ex. Attack Attack!), Phil Manansala, Valentino Arteaga (ex. Lower Definition), Aaron Pauley (ex. Jamie’s Elsewhere) and Alan Ashby. After recording Someday Came Suddenly and touring with Attack Attack!, Austin was kicked out of the band. After that, Austin decided to start something new on his own. He asked one of his best friends Jaxin Hall from New Zealand to be his partner in crime and a part of whatever he did next. Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at
  • Panic At The Disco logo
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  • Paramore
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    "{ Paramore }
    ``Jeremy Davis" — @song-of-storms
  • Music - Picture Me Broken - Wide Awake Review
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    "{ Picture Me Broken }
    ``Layla Allman
    ``Austin Dunn
    ``Donte Phoenix
    ``Jimmy Strimpel
    ``Shaun Foist" — @song-of-storms
  • the plasticines
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    ``Anoushka "Ana" Vandevyvere
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  • Tegan and Sara
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    ``Sara Quin
    ``Tegan Quin ~ reserved { imafuckedupkid }" — @song-of-storms
  • An image of Sleeping With Sirens
    More info
    "{ Sleeping With Sirens }
    ``Gabe Barham
    ``Jack Fowler
    ``Jesse Lawson ~ reserved { abby-loves-you }" — @song-of-storms
    Watch videos & listen free to Sleeping With Sirens: The Bomb Dot Com v2.0, If You Can't Hang & more, plus 54 pictures. Sleeping With Sirens is an American rock band from Orlando, Florida currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, formed in 2009 by members of For All We Know, Broadway and We Are Defiance. The band is currently signed to Rise Records and has released two full-length albums, With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear and Let’s Cheers To This. The first album debuted at number 7 on Billboard’s Top Heatseekers chart, and at number 36 on Top Independent Albums. Their second album was released on May 10, 2011. Band members: * Gabe Barham - drums (since 2009) * Justin Hills - bass guitar, backing vocals (since 2009) * Jesse Lawson - rhythm guitar, backing vocals (since 2010) * Kellin Quinn - lead vocals, piano, (since 2009) Discover more music, concerts, videos, and pictures with the largest catalogue online at
  • mindy white | Tumblr
    More info
    "{ States }
    ``Bryan Laurenson
    ``Dean Lorenz
    ``Jonathan Bucklew
    ``Stephen Laurenson" — @song-of-storms
  • tss
    More info
    "{ The Summer Set }
    ``Brian Dales
    ``Jess Bowen
    ``John Gomez
    ``Josh Montgomery
    ``Stephen Gomez" — @song-of-storms
  • Taking Back Sunday pictures – Free listening, videos, concerts, stats, & pictures at
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    "{ Taking Back Sunday }
    ``Adam Lazzara
    ``Eddie Reyes
    ``John Nolan
    ``Mark O'Connell
    Shaun Cooper ~" — @song-of-storms
  • Banquet - Tonight Alive - What Are You So Scared Of?
    More info
    "{ Tonight Alive }
    ``Cam Adler
    ``Jake Hardy
    ``Matt Best
    ``Whakaio Taahi" — @song-of-storms
  • The Veronicas
    More info
    "{ The Veronicas }
    ``Lisa Origliasso ~ reserved { little-batman }" — @song-of-storms
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  • VersaEmerge
    More info
    "{ VersaEmerge }
    ``Blake Harnage" — @song-of-storms
  • Album Review We Are The In Crowd Best Intentions
    More info
    "{ We Are The In Crowd }
    ``Cameron Hurley
    ``Mike Ferri
    ``Rob Chianelli" — @song-of-storms
  • We The Kings Smile Kid [deluxe Edition] Album Cover
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  • Album You Me At Six Sinners Never Sleep
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    ``Josh Franceschi
    ``Max Helyer
    ``Chris Miller
    ``Matt Barnes
    ``Dan Flint" — @song-of-storms
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  • The+Young+Veins+tyv1.jpg (JPEG Image, 500 × 335 pixels)
    More info
    "{ The Young Veins }
    ``Andy Soukal
    ``Jon Walker
    ``Nick Murray
    ``Nick White" — @song-of-storms
  • glow guitar
    More info
    I'm throwing this in here so you know what soloists are reserved.
    If you need suggestions for soloists, I have a list." — @song-of-storms
  • guitar | Tumblr
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    "{ GIRLS }" — @song-of-storms
  • guitar | Tumblr
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    "{ BOYS }" — @song-of-storms

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