I don't get those edgy tumblr quotes. I use them, because they fill up space. But what's with the bad grammar? The drug-fueled angst? The 'ooh I'm so lonely' psuedo-philosophical crapola? 
I think I am so finally done being teenage. That must be it. Of course, I never really 'identified' with things I'm supposed to. Like those Skins/Degrassi type shows. Not my style kids. They make me feel inadequately rebellous--ie, a Girl Scout. Which I am. Was. But whatever. You get my point.

OH hello. I've been attempting to make sets all day with little avail. This is the best I got out. For BW. Clairity. She's going to cast a spell because she's angry and weird and has no friends. 

There's this girl in my grad. class who looks frighteningly like Skye Stracke. I wish I knew this girl even remotely, because I could tell her. The conversation goes like this:

"DO YOU KNOW that you look exactly like Skye Stracke?!"
"Skye Stracke...fashion model?"
"Oh. Um, thanks."
Then we'd both smile and wander away and she'd wonder what that was all about but at the same time would be pleased for being compared to a fashion model and I would feel all special for making someone's day and also embarressed for randomly bursting out to a stranger.
Then there's the freshman who looks exactly like a midget, blond, Cinta Dicker. Also frighteningly adorable.

I'm rambling. I'm sorry. I hate sundays.
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Wrote 6 years ago
Oh there's a girl at my school who looks scarily like Barbara Palvin! I told her and here's the conversation (very similar to the one that you thought up of hahah!)
Me: Hey you look exactly like Barbara Palvin.
Her: Who's that?
Me: She's a high fashion model.
Her: I look like a model?
Me: Yes.
Her: Thanks!
I think I made her day when really I was just stating a fact. This set is beyond gorgeous and so edgy!

Wrote 6 years ago
Oh yeah, don't forget that a lot of Tumblr quotes are from hipster/indie songs that make no sense whatsoever. Thus, the quotes make no sense whatsoever.

Wrote 6 years ago
Some tumblr quotes are really dumb, others are like reading my thoughts out loud.

Wrote 6 years ago
The quotes are made by misguided 12 year olds who have poor grammar and no lives. Hence why they never make any sense. I had that happen once! I told this girl that she looked exactly like Agyness Deyn. She was actually knew who she was and gave me a huge hug for complimenting her. That was... unexpected.



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Artists are traditionally resistant to labels

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