Day Eleven of the Thirty Day Challenge: Your Family

My parents are divorced, so I technically live in two houses and will until I'm old enough to move out and go to college and what not.

I have three brothers (two from my mom and the other is my half brother). The two that are completely related to me live at both my mom's house and my dad and step-mom's house while my half-brother just lives with my step-mom. (Obviously.) 

I have A LOT of cousins (Some I don't even remember the names of, wow), but they are all from my mom's side since my dad's only sibling never had any children. 

Both my mom's parents have passed away, so then I have my grandparents on my dad's side and my step-grandparents. 

I think that's enough ^_^.

...And yes the title is a One Direction song...

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