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Monday, September 17th: It's the first week back at Le Rosey and the school is holding a welcome back dinner tonight for the board members, parents, and their children. The dress code? Semi-formal.

Khloe Beckman

My eyes land on the same group of girls I had spotted at that cafe last week. The one with the obnoxious girl supposedly named Alennie and her usual army of five. I know I have to make myself known to them. I have to get into their group, or whatever it is, being as it's the only place I think I'll fit in. I scan the room full of girls and guys and middle-aged parents and let out a dissatisfied sigh. Everyone seems to be talking to someone. Everyone has a friend. I can't be the only newbie here at Le Rosey. There has got to be someone else feeling as insecure, vulnerable and nervous as me today. 

 Starting over is going to be way harder than it sounds, I'll bet. The headmistress announces that dinner is ready in an annoyingly high-pitched voice which genuinely surprises me. She tells everyone to take their seats. We obey. 

"Mommy," I tap Mom's shoulder lightly to her attention. She's already in a deep conversation with one of the faculty members. 

She turns half way, not taking her eyes off the guy she's talking to. Just from looking at her, I can see she's crushing on the guy. I will myself to not roll my eyes but it's not easy. She has no right to like him. Or give the creepy 50-something any of her attention. Besides, Dad is sitting right next to her. On his phone, of course, but he's still /right/ there. 

"Yes, dear?" She finally looks at me. 

"Oh, nothing," I say honestly. What I wanted to tell her literally escaped my mind. I blame it on her for distracting me and making me lose my train of thought. 

The guy she's talking to introduces himself to me. I greet him back, smile, nod, lean in closer, turn my head slightly, cue all the body language signs that I'm keenly interested in what he's saying [which I totally am not], until he grows tired of talking and averts his eyes back to my mother.

 I want to puke. Mom always does this stuff. Who does she think she is? Yeah, she still has an amazing figure for her age and her face is naturally wrinkle-free, but this does not mean she is on the market. No, no, no, she's /married/. 

I try to forget about it. Maybe it's nothing? She's just overly friendly sometimes. Anyway, I need to be making friends right now, not talking to my parents.

I turn around and almost gasp. I've been seated right next to one of the girls from Alennie's posse! And I hadn't even noticed! Her name is Sarah Wilner, I've gathered. I quickly introduce myself. "Hi, I'm Khloe Beckman--"

She smiles at me. It looks like she's about to respond with something nice, like a compliment on my dress or something. But before she gets the chance, another blonde from the group cuts in:

"Unless you said your name is Khloe /Beckham/, and are possibly related to /the/ David Beckham, then we don't care." She bats her lashes somewhat innocuously. 

A smile creeps onto Alennie's face. "Spencer, /thank you so much/! Don't you just hate it when the outer circle tries to talk to us like we're their friends or something?" She says this all without looking at me or directly acknowledging me once. 

All the girls nod promptly, although the look in Sarah Wilner's face shows a hint of dejection. 

I ignore Alennie's snarky comment and say nothing. Before turning back around though, I flash a big smile for good measure. 

These girls may not think I'm anything yet, but just wait and see.
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