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So. I realized recently, that abercrombie actually hasn't changed that much. I mean, they don't have shirts with ribbons on them or tweed skirts anymore, but a lot of their basics have stayed the same. And it's not like they didn't have strange things before. Well idk.

Oh and my shirt came yesterday! that one. It fits perfectly :)
Summer issues though, I have NO IDEA where things are going with camp. I have to sit my parents down and make a decision today but my mom is mad at me :( so idk. Luckily there's a lot more to summer than just a camp. Oh and I'm a little sick. But I'm getting better. Oh and and, I'm making a new chapter this weekend. Maybe today. I. WILL. NOT. SLACK. OFF. or stop writing alltogether. The reason that I was origionally going to do it one chapter a week though was because I wanted it to match up with the actual dates, and go throughout the summer. But I've had more to write about.

That was a lot to say, considering origionally I was just going to talk about abercrombie. haha well this is my set for round one!!!!
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