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Alice Williams
Model: You choose, no sitemodels.
Hometown: Beverly Hills, California.
17. Alice comes from a very rich family in California. And with optometrists for a father and mother, Alice has barely lifted a finger her entire life. But one of her nannies once gave her some very important advice, and she followed that. And that is how she ended up here today. Her style is a bit more sophisticated and elegant than her youthful personality.

- - -

1. Alice
2. Lydia
3. Zooey Daprio

- - -

"The best things happen when you do them for yourself." I repeated my Anne my nannies words, and sat on top of my over flowing suitcase. 

"Miss Williams! Your town car is year." A voice rang over the intercom. I grabbed my bag and pulled it behind my pink pumps. The airport was crowded with businessmen in suits. 
"Last Call For Flight 703 To New York City."

"Wait a second... That's Me!" I grabbed my bag and ran towards, the gate. "Sorry!" I said flushed, handing the flight attendant my ticket and ID. 

"Not to worry dear!" I pushed past the first class curtain, and found my seat, a window with no one next to it, I had made sure to buy both seats. I plopped my bag and stack of magazines on the empty chair and took out my iPhone, while people loaded their bags over head.

"I loved you all! Wish me luck! xoxA" I quickly texted it to my closet friends and family and shut the phone off dropping it in my bag. I could see LA fading away as the plane took off. 

"I'll be back!" I whispered blowing a small kiss out the window. "I just have to kick some butt at New York Fashion Week first..."

- - -

PS. This is also for the polyvore contest, something I've never done... wish me luck!
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