The Glamour Preps

The Glamour Preps
Moderated by shabnam, ashaabby and madisonavenuexo.
This group is for the preps who don't use Abercrombie and Hollister as their choice of clothing. They don't use pictures of random sitemodels as their inspiration. No, they are inspired by real beauty; the Eiffel tower, Chanel, pearls, Audrey Hepburn. They have a sophisticated eye and dress to show it. Their sets are truly gorgeous.
To be accepted in this group your sets have to match the criteria:
-not stereo-typical preppy
- few sets contain sitemodels
- clothes you choose for sets don't have labels splashed across the front
- you have an eye for beauty that comes out in your sets
  • 90 members
  • 2,372 sets