Hello! I’m auditioning for a tip girl at @thosepolyvoretippies so I made this… I’ve wanted to do Glee character sets for a while so I figured: why not make it into a tip? I’ve seen Glee tips on other accounts, but I wanted to do my own. Even if I don’t get the position, I think I really should do more tips… so, here’s how to get the adorable, vintage-inspired style of Quinn Fabray!


Quinn is constantly wearing cute dresses! Pick ones in soft, pastel colors- Quinn goes for girly, vintage-esque pieces. In general, don’t wear too many prints, but sometimes they can be cute- floral, lace/eyelet, and stripes are all good. You can even try quirkier prints if you're feeling daring: Quinn's butterfly-printed dress from The First Time is a great example.


Quinn almost always wears a cardigan or jacket with her outfit! You can wear a bolder color with these, but make sure to coordinate them with your dress. She usually wears blazers or cropped cardigans.


When Quinn doesn’t have on a cute frock, she’s usually in a blouse and skirt. Very rarely does Quinn wear pants of any sort! Short-sleeved or sleeveless blouses are good, and ruffles add a cute touch. Skirts are usually around knee-length. Use the same kinds of patterns that Quinn would wear in a dress.


Since Quinn dresses so simple and classic, accessories are usually kept to a minimum. Try thin scarves, cute sunhats or headbands, and the occasional belt to add pop to your outfit! For jewelry, wear simple necklaces and earrings. Cute, bright-colored handbags are also a nice touch.


Quinn’s shoes are usually in neutral colors. Sweet flats, ankle boots, and wedges are perfect.


Quinn gets her hair chopped off at the end of Season Two- but you can go either short or long! With long hair, you can keep it straight, or try some curls. Her shorter hair looks great layered! With either length, wear sweet headbands and hair clips for a cute touch.


Quinn doesn’t wear too much makeup. She often wears eyeliner, on both top and bottom, but it’s not excessive. Any eyeshadow she wears is normally in neutral colors. She wears a variety of lip colors- often either nude or red.


Quinn's wardrobe is almost entirely Anthropologie, so pretty much anything there can make your outfit radiate with Quinn-ness. If you're on a budget, Modcloth also has some great pieces, and Delia's has some Quinn-like pieces also, especially some of their dresses. The great thing about her vintage-inspired style is that you can find plenty of cute things at thrift stores, too!

That’s the tip! Hope you liked it!

Name: Olivia
How many tips I can make in a week: It depends. I’m a theater kid, so during tech week I can’t really make much, but sometimes I can make a whole lot of them! Don’t let my amount of sets deceive you; I’m a perfectionist when it comes to them.
Are you trustworthy and kind to others: Well, it’s hard for me to judge that, but I’m pretty sure I am. :) I’ve kept up with a friend I had to move away from since third grade, so that definitely takes some kindness and trustworthiness!
What kind of tips I can make: I can make fashion tips, (i.e. character tips like this one, how to wear, etc.) music tips, book-related tips, Internet-related tips, (to an extent) and theater-related tips. I could also make a few advice tips and maybe even some makeup tips. There's probably some I'm forgetting, but...
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