The premiere last night was awesome! I loved Telephone, even though I don't even like that song that much. That new guy Sam is kinda hot and the new girl seems awesome, but Rachel will always be the star to me.

I know this set isn't very good and neither was the set before this, but I've had less time available lately to make sets. There was a tag I was supposed to do, but I can't find it in my messages anywhere, so if someone tagged me, please remind me and I'll do it.

I'm getting close to finishing the Pretty Little Liars series, I just need the 8th book! I read them in like two or three days and then I have to wait until the weekend to stock up. lol.

I went to visit Buffalo State college on Saturday because they have fashion design and I actually loved it!!! They have the 3+1 program so you go there 3 years then FIT for 1 year and you get a bachelor's degree from there and associates degree from FIT! And they have study abroad in Australia and England, two places I'm dying to visit. My parents don't want me going to the city right away so I will probably either go to Buffalo State or Marist (assuming I get in) since they seem to fit me best from what I've seen.

I hate school!!!! RAWR! I'm so stressed. Senior year is supposed to be fun, but it's not. :(

Yeah, sooooooooo............................. that's all I've got to say right now. Hopefully I'll have time to make another set soon.
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