- Heads Will Roll // Yeah Yeah Yeahs

[Collab with @sarahstardom]

Paige; Monday

"Paige, all I want to do is drink this bar dry" Riley mumbled as we headed towards our local bar on the last night before we started back at work. Not that I’d had much of a break really, marketing still had to be done even with the place shut.
"I plan on helping you with that" I nodded, the music was so freaking loud I could feel it through my stiletto heels. I wasn’t planning on getting on getting sh.tfaced with work the next day so I would probably have to make sure Riley got herself home, she didn’t really know when to stop.
"Girl, we both know that I don't need any help drinking a bar dry" She smirked at me, this was true but I could give her a run for her money if I was really trying, on a good day, when she was already half way to smashed. "Shit! You have any cigarettes on you?" She fumbled in her handbag before turning big hopeful eyes on me, 
"Nah, I've been out for a couple days now, I can't wait to start working full hours again. I need some more cash" I shook my head, and I was trying to quit again, but I was ready to go back to full days of work, I’d wasted my last check shopping yesterday.
"B.itch, you were loaded last week, I remember you bragging to me about it over the phone" Riley raised an eyebrow at me. Well yea I had been, but I’d done a lot of shopping.
"I, uh, kind of bought these really cute high heels" I exclaimed as we flashed the bouncer our ID’s, honestly he looked kind of weedy, Riley probably could have taken him in her sleep. “They're super hot and super high-"
"They're a pair of shoes, how good can they be?" Riley asked, cutting me off as we stepped inside to the pounding music and tightly packed people. 

“They’re amazing thank you very much.” I sniffed, “Just because you run around being all butch doesn’t mean we all have to.” I teased as we pushed our way through the crowd heading for the bar.

“My shoes are comfortable so shut your yap.” Riley snapped jokingly, elbowing a particularly large, drunk man out of her way, “when you break your ankle one day and can’t walk I’ll laugh at you.”

“If that ever happened to me, which is unlikely because walking in heels is one of my skills-”

“Only skills,” She coughed into her hand with a shit-eating grin.

“Many skills,” I glared at her, “You can’t talk I earn pretty much double what you do.”

“and you work double the hours I do.” She shrugged as we finally reached the packed bar – Riley elbowed a spot for the two of us, “Which b.tch has the short stick here.”

“At least I never get the sh.t beaten out of me.” I winked at the bartender as he glanced in our way, he flushed slightly, must be a new guy.

“Surprising isn’t it?” Riley rolled her eyes, whether at me or the flushed bartender now heading our way I didn’t know more care, “it must have something to do with your charming personality,” she added only slightly sarcastically.

"Well, thankyou, for the lovely comment" I laughed, ordering something crossing my legs and glancing over at Riley, who was sitting with her legs spread in a kind of creepy way "Ugh, Riley, you're such a dude!" I sighed with a shake of my head.
"Yes and I have a p.enis" Riley joked with a wicked grin on her face.
“I wouldn’t be surprised.”
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