Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammar.
THE MEDIA CLUB, Cher "Chair" Simpson.

what is this layout anymore

MONDAY: School has finally started after a whirlwind summer vacation (for some of us that is) and it's back to the grind at Maplewood High. Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors alike are going to meet in the auditorium to get a welcome back from the staff. After classes are done with, report back to the auditorium for club orientation. After orientation, head to The Media Club and any other club that meets up on Monday. We're going over to Jenni's mom's cafe for dinner to formally introduce ourselves to one another!

♡ ♡ ♡

A sleek gray Bentley Arnage pulled up to the curb of Maplewood High, and out stepped the Cher (eager, blonde, and junior) and her sister Constance (bored, brunette, freshman).

"Bye Arnold!" Cher waved bye to the chauffeur and quickly grabbed Constance's hand, dragging her to the front doors. They were greeted by the chatter, laughs, and shouts. Cher strut down the hallway, swinging a new Lanvin purse from the crook of her arm while Constance followed behind, trudging in her thick black combat boots.

"Hi Mr Snev!" Cher beamed at Snev Volvagia-Bvediscus, who was standing next to his locker, eyes glued to the screen of his phone.

He looked up slowly before cracking something that looked like a confused smile. "Uh, hi Cher."

"Hi!!! Aren't you excited for the first day?" She smiled, revealing her signature tooth gap. "Wait," Cher turned around before whirling around a few times. "Where's Constance?"
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