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Name: Venice Barnett
Age: 21
Likes: black and white films, camera lens, maxi skirts, oversized jackets, chardonnay for when reviewing films, documentaries, rushing through her job, coffee, loafers
Dislikes: waking up early, small bags, glitz and glamour, airheads, fake assets, high heels (unless they're comfortable), tramp stamps, cheesy editorials, fruity scents, high-pitched voices
Bio: This girl is one of the boys. She has a cute bohemian style but nothing impressive as you’d expect from a Vogue girl. She’s not even very concerned with what’s going on inn the fashion world. What is she doing here?, you may ask. Her real interest is movies. She’s tried doing some indie documentaries of her own but she wasn’t as successful as she’d wish and she needed the money. She does know a lot about her area so she’s working as a critic.
Job: Film critic
Relationship Status: Married to the movies
Model: Tilda Lindstam
Storyboard/Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=60558540
Taken by: @ingrid

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I take out my notepad from the oversized bag that's laying on the top of my desk, its contents trying to burst out of it. I start flipping the pages, one by one, until I find what I'm looking for. There it is in my sloppy handwriting: the body for my latest review. This time, I was sent on a mission to review the upcoming Michael Bay movie. I f.cking hate him.

“While the script is lackluster, the movie makes up for the considerable amount of explosions and swimsuit-clad women running in high heels.” I type, shuddering at the thought of it. Seriously, what's the point of making a movie if it's going to rely on mundane visuals?

“The lead is a over dramatic macho figure, the savior to the blonde bombshell.” I continue, rolling my eyes so hard. I always tend to write my reviews as it goes, then I place the sentences in their correct order. I can't help it that my mind tends to work full time, even when I'm trying to go to sleep.

“The film also features supermodel-turned-actress--” I get cut off before I can finish that sentence.

“Venn? You're not writing a bad review about that Michael Bay movie, are you?” Our editor-in-chief pops in front of my door, scaring me to death.

“Not at all, Cece.” I say, a sweet smile formed on my lips.

“You know you can't give him a bad review... they're using people from the fashion industry in that movie. Giving us cred in the film industry.” She explains once more. In case you didn't know, this conversation happens frequently. Way too frequently... more often than what I'd like. 

“Goodbye Cece. I'll have that story in your desk by 6:00 PM.” I say, even though that's probably another white lie. I tend to edit my reviews about five times and even then, I'm not fully pleased with the outcome. Oh well, back to the lovely cinematography of Michael Bay.


Adding this here before I forget:

Name: Dominic Porter
Age: 25
Occupation: Photographer
Bio: He's Venice's roommate (also a co-worker) and the only person that puts up with her constant rants.
Relationship status: Commited to his work
Model: Adam Scott
Taken by: @ingrid

Name: Chad Reynolds
Age: 26
Occupation: Model
Bio: A model that's constantly recruited by Vogue, he left Venice heartbroken after a random hookup.
Relationship status: Hooking up with everyone
Model: Noah Mills
Taken by: @ingrid
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[love it!! your sets are so gorgeous!! :D]

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love the outfit and layout!

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@paula-v @ribbonsandkisses added the storyboard :]


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