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Venice Barnett
Age: 21
Likes: black and white films, camera lens, maxi skirts, oversized jackets, chardonnay for when reviewing films, documentaries, rushing through her job, coffee, loafers
Dislikes: waking up early, small bags, glitz and glamour, airheads, fake assets, high heels (unless they're comfortable), tramp stamps, cheesy editorials, fruity scents, high-pitched voices
Bio: This girl is one of the boys. She has a cute bohemian style but nothing impressive as you’d expect from a Vogue girl. She’s not even very concerned with what’s going on inn the fashion world. What is she doing here?, you may ask. Her real interest is movies. She’s tried doing some indie documentaries of her own but she wasn’t as successful as she’d wish and she needed the money. She does know a lot about her area so she’s working as a critic.
Job: Film critic
Relationship Status: Married to the movies
Model: Tilda Lindstam 


Josephine 'Jo' Barnett
Age: 16
Jo is Venice's sister and the only person she trusts from her estranged family. Right now, Venice is trying to get her custody. Her parents threatened with throwing Jo out of the house after they found out she got pregnant. No one knows who the baby daddy is, to their mother's dismay. This is the main reason of why Venice doesn't talk to her parents anymore.
Model: Ali Michael


Venice is a movie critic for Vogue Magazine. She's not allowed to give bad reviews to people who give the company monetary support or those who grace the pages of the magazine. It's a constant love/hate situation with the job because of this. Venn just wants to speak her mind out and she's put on a leash; it's frustrating.


Venice's aspirations include to become a successful movie director, to compose the soundtrack to her own movie (she's really good at the piano, the guitar and the violin) and to earn her star in the walk of fame (or buy it, whatever it is they do these days). The major accomplishment would be to be the recipient of the EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony).


Dominic Porter
Age: 25
Dominic is the person who has to put up with Venice's rants constantly. They agreed to split rent the minute they met at work (Dominic's a photographer). As far as Venice is concerned, as long as he doesn't interrupt her when she's working, they can live under the same roof.
Model: Adam Scott


Chad Reynolds
Age: 26
One of the models that Vogue regularly recruits, Chad has become the 'mistake' after a random hookup with Venice, that left her heartbroken. The name 'Chad' is banned in the loft that Venice shares with Dominic.
Model: Noah Mills
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