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Holly Alexander; December 7
Collab with @martasmiling

I was sitting in the living room of the completely empty house waiting for Nicole to get back from work. Everyone else had already taken the train up to freo but I’d offered to wait for Niki because I was a good person. Also because we’d be driving and I hated the train with a passion.

I heard the door opening then so I got up and raced towards it with a smile. “Niki you’re home.” 

“I am.” She said hesitantly closing the door behind her, “What did I do to deserve a welcoming party.”

“I’m just bored and ready to go.” I shrugged tapping my heel against the ground, “You’re late.”

“I’m not late.” She shook her head before adding, “Besides where are we going?”

“Fremantle. Duh.” I rolled my eyes because had she really forgotten, “Now go and get changed so we can go.” I nodded sternly, twirling the keychain holding the car key round my index finger.

She glanced at the keys before looking back at me, frown painted across her face "Oh wait. Are you going to drive?"

"Actually" I replied cheekily, though she cut me off before I could continue that thought

"Well I changed my mind, I'll stay here. Just have fun and take a lot of photos so your stories’s sound more realistic" She laughed waving her hand airily. I’m not sure which I was more insulted about the fact she thought I embelished stories [lies] or that I was a bad driver [Lies. Mostly]

"Don't you trust my driving” I crossed my arms with a pout.

She bit her lip pretending to think "Uhm... no" She said eventually

 "Nicole Richards eat your words now!"

"I'm still a better driver than you" She singsonged. Which wasn’t true. I swear I drove people that lived here everywhere.

“Oh yeah?” I asked with a cocked eyebrow, “I seem to remember you begging me to drive you to the store on Halloween for popcorn.” I paused, “Remember that?” I taunted playfully.

“I asked you to come with me not drive me,” She rebutted cheekily.

“Oh please. Someone has selective memory loss.” I rolled my eyes, running my hand through my hair casually, “So run and get changed and then I’ll drive you.” I said firmly, adding on to make my argument flawless, “Besides if you catch the train now you won’t be in freo till it’s basically dark.”

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing now?” she questioned, like it was a valid question, “Also this is totally blackmail.”

“It’s not blackmail I’m simply laying out your options.” I shrugged casually because it was so true, “And seriously they’re you’re work clothes. I’m offended to be seen with you in them.”

She rolled her eyes at me before traipsing up the stairs, “I’m only changing because it’s quicker and easier than arguing with you.” 

“Thank you darling.” I winked, blowing a kiss after her.

“And don’t think I’m going to dress up or anything.” He voice floated down after I could no longer see her on the stairs. But teasing her was to much fun so I followed her up all the flights of stairs (well both of them) to her bedroom.

"Who said that you could come with me?" She scolded as I entered the room.

 "I don't need permission for doing it, I'm the actual queen of the house" I replied snarkily. Which lets be honest was not true and would never be true because Zara at least scared me

“I just felt my privacy invaded" She moaned. I rolled my eyes, still determined everyone else was at least as melodramatic as me., "You can stay only if you won't judge a-ny-thing” She sounded the word out for emphasis.

"I'll try" I shrugged, flopping down on Emily’s bed. Actually speaking of Emily I hadn’t really seen her around recently, absent mindedly I wondered where she had been.

Niki had opened her wardrobe, back to me as she rummaged around. That didn’t hide her muttered whisper from me however. "I already know that this agreement won't be kept"

“Well okay maybe I will judge you,” I shrugged my shoulder, “But no more than I usually do.”

“That’s really reassuring.” She said dryly as she grabbed some clothes out of her wardrobe.

“Hey just being honest here.” Did no one in the world appreciate honestly anymore? I ask you that, “It’s like this right.” I sighed, sitting up straight and explaining, “I’ll judge your clothes all I want. Everyone does. I won’t make you change them it doesn’t effect my opinion of you as a person but it effects my opinion on your style.”

“Okay.” Nicole said slowly looking shocked whether at my outburst or that it wasn’t as shallow as she expected I don’t know.

“Not that we’ve got that cleared up you should hurry up already.” I waved my hand at her in a hurrying motion, “The sea breeze and freo markets are calling my name.”

She turned to me, some demented pout on her face "Honey" Pause for a flip of her hair “maybe you don't know but if you're the queen of the house /I/ am the queen of the beach" she added. It took all my restraint not to burst out laughing at her.

“Oh please, you don't trust in you own words"

She rolled her eyes with a huff "I'll go on looking for something cool to wear" she said before rummaging around in her closet looking for something vaguely nice to wear. 

When she was done she turned towards me, showcasing her white t-shirt, studded shorts and to my absolute horror a pair of vans. VANS! "Please judge this" She said, full of pride that kinda reminded me of when I was younger.

“Well,” I said, tapping my chin and pretending to scrutinise her closely, as she actually got dressed (quite self consciously I might add which is stupid because hello dancer) “The first thing I have to say is that the shoes are boooo-ring.” I cried eventually because everyone knew my thoughts on heels being the only type of shoe a woman should wear ever (except when playing sport with cute guys)

“Hey-“ Niki started to say, probably attempting to defend her undefendable shoe choice but I cut her off.

“No. You will be quite whilst the judge makes her evaluation.” I demanded, though keeping my voice as playful as possible so she knew I wasn’t serious. “The shorts are cute if a little dangerous. The shirt lets the shorts be the stand out piece which is a nice move. It could do with a touch of colour though.” I told her seriously.

“Fine.” She sighed, grabbing some colourful necklace from her collection, “Are we done now.”

“Well I guess you’re as presentable as you’re ever going to be.” I rolled my eyes cheekily before scampering from her room.

“Hey wait a minute you.” She cried in (i’m assuming) mock outrage, chasing me down the stairs.

“You can’t hurt me.” I told her, holding my hands in front of me to defend myself as I collapsed against the front door laughing, “I’m your chauffeur for the day. AND I’m way to amazing to die young.”

"Too young to not even keep dating Evie's brother" She teased. Which made no sense. 21 was young and old enough for fit boys. The perfect age for them really.

I just let out a huff at the silly comeback as I opened the door " obviously not /that/ young" I replied. It’s not like I was talking about being 3 or something like duh. “It’d be an horrible waste" 

"Now you have a good motivation to not crash today and I can keep shine my world" she said with another flip of her hair as she closer the door (apparently that was becoming a thing now. I should like charge people to do it in my presence or something) as she shut the door behind us.

Now we could finally get to Freo.

God I loved Freo.
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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
Obviously I loved this! I love Holly and Niki together, you can smell their sarcasm from miles away

Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
OMG GARBAGE love them <33


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