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Go bright in style

Greetings and welcome to "Go Bright in Style"! A NOTE for NEW APPLICANTS: you won't be approved for this group if you're less than 2 month on Polyvore or have only a dozen of sets. * * * * This group is re-born on 4-th of September, 2015. As a new mod I'd like to thank @mcheffer for this opportunity. I hope this group will bring lots of fun to everyone who joined! * * * * This group is for FASHION sets. Your sets may be classic or trendy & edgy - they're all gladly accepted. The main point is to show a special STYLE! * * * RULES for sets submitted TO A CONTEST (please pay attention to them) Sets may be one of the following styles: 1. Outfit only. This includes make-up products, shadows, signatures. Nothing else. 2. Organised & clean sets with outfit and FEW fillers (like books, home interior stuff, pot plant etc.) 3. Simple sets that include outfit and also may include pictures (photos, graphics, clipart, patterns, magazine articles). A whole amount of pictures should cover NOT MORE than 1/5 (one fifth) of a set. Text is also possible. * *
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