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pretty sure i've used this is a song title before, but oh well lol. i can't believe it's the last month of 2016??? what happened. i don't have much to say really so i'm going to do this tag that i got from @same-sunset i believe :)

O1. spotify, soundcloud, or pandora? 
- oh i love pandora, but i use spotify more often

O2. is your room messy or clean?
- clean most of the time, unless i've been procrastinating with putting my clothes into my drawers because they're stuffed

O3. what color are your eyes?
- dark brown

O4. do you like your name? why?
- yeah i dooo! i like it because it has J instead of a G and the meaning is pretty cool

O5. what is your relationship status?
- single

O6. describe your personality in 3 words or less
- silly, creative, and kind? i'd like to think, anyway lol
O7. what color hair do you have?
- dark brown

O8. what kind of car do you drive? color?
- a blue kia

O9. where do you shop?
- literally coles, woolworths and kmart lol (':

1O. how would you describe your style?
- maybe simple? i like essentials/basic clothing items but i also like some pretty patterned clothes too. i like to keep it simple, i'm not into unnecessary pieces like jewellry/scarves much

11. favorite social media account?
- someone else's social media account? idk what this means but my favourite social media account that i have is this one lol

12. what size bed do you have?
- single

13. any siblings?
- one older brother and two younger sisters

14. if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why?
- oh well, i can't say the name, but where i used to live! :)

15. favorite snapchat filter?
- i don't use snapchat hehe

16. favorite makeup brands? 
- nyx, mac, e.l.f., rimmel, maybelline

17. how many times a week do you shower?
- i'm not sure lol i'm not digusting i promise. i was actually planning on showering after i post this hahah that's what i'm going to do in a sec

18. favorite tv show?
- star trek: voyager

19. shoe size?
- 6 i'm pretty sure

2O. how tall are you?
- 5'2

21. sandals or sneakers?
- sneakersss

22. do you go to the gym?
- never

23. describe your dream date
- hmm idk honestly can you imagine me?? on a date???

24. how much money do you have in your wallet at the moment?
- i've got my card, but i don't have any cash in my wallet right now

25. what color socks are you wearing?
- whiteee
26. how many pillows do you sleep with?
- two

27. do you have a job? what do you do?
- i don't have a job :(( i may be getting one in the new year though :D

28. what's the worst thing you have ever done?
- i haven't really ever dwelt on the worst thing i've ever done hahaha i'm not sure

29. what's your favorite candle scent?
- i'm not a huge candle person but i like most of the scents

3O. three favorite boys' names.
- noah, tom, jack (ahhh @polystar10) oh and maybe aaron

31. three favorite girls' names.
- ebony, daisy, flo

32. favorite actor?
- rowan atkinson. no regrets
33. favorite actress?
- lily james

34. who is your celebrity crush?
- niall horan ahaha typical. matt smith, dan smith, andrew garfield

35. favorite movie?
- UGH never ask me this!!!! this is the one question that will always make me go blank. and i'm too lazy to try and to recall my favourite movies lol

36. do you read a lot? what's your favorite book?
- i don't really read books that much unless it's wattpad or for school

37. money or brains?
- brains

38. do you have a nickname? what is it?
- i have a few, the main one is jem

39. how many times have you been to the hospital?
- i don't remember going there for myself, but i've been multiple times to see other people

4O. top 10 favorite songs. – no particular order here
- aghhh i don't think i have a top 10 all time favourite list, but these are my top 10 favourites currently
1. an act of kindness - bastille
2. does olly murs' whole new album count because all of them
3. power - little mix
4. prey - the neighbourhood
5. wide awake - katy perry
6. backslide - the naked and famous
7. i wanna get better - against the current & the ready set (bleachers cover)
8. king city - swim deep
9. lisa baby - walk the moon
10. me and my broken heart - rixton
i barely listen to anything new, how many times have i mentioned 1, 4, 7, 8 and 9 lol

41. do you take any medications daily?
- nope

42. what is your skin type?
- i'm not sure what this means. like oily or dry skin? light or dark? idk.. what does "skin type" mean guys lol

43. what is your biggest fear?
- deep water/the ocean bed where it's pitch black. it's not really a fear but i don't like it

44. how many kids do you want?
- two maybe

45. what's your go to hair style?
- a high ponytail

46. what type of house do you live in? 
- a really big modern house my dad designed and built lol hi dad

47. who is your role model?
- Jesus!

48. what was the last compliment you received?
- that i have a really nice figure or something ahaha

49. what was the last text you sent?
- probably a shopping list

5O. how old were you when you found out santa wasn’t real?
- lolz

51. what is your dream car?
- don't really care much but aston martins are cool

52. opinion on smoking?
- big fat no

53. do you go to college?
- nope i'm in year 11 lol

54. what is your dream job?
- optometrist/teacher/some sort of scientist

55. would you rather live in rural areas or the suburbs?
- suburbs

56. do you take shampoo and conditioner bottles from hotels?
- yup

57. do you have freckles?
- yes

58. do you smile for pictures?
- why not hehe :o)

59. how many pictures do you have on your phone?
- 2,576

6O. have you ever peed in the woods?
- don't think so lol

61. do you still watch cartoons?
- sometimes

62. do you prefer chicken nuggets from wendy’s or mcdonald's?
- mcdonald's

63. favorite dipping sauce?
- bbq

64. what do you wear to bed?
- it depends if it's warm or cold. if it's warm, a shirt and shorts, or a shirt dress. if it's cold... my whole wardrobe

65. have you ever won a spelling bee?
- nope

66. what are your hobbies?
- polyvore? listening to music, watching youtube videos... productive, energetic kinds of things like that lol

67. can you draw?
- no not really

68. do you play an instrument?
- nopee!

69. what was the last concert you saw?
- i've never been to a concert

7O. tea or coffee?
- i don't really drink either but i prefer tea

71. starbucks or dunkin donuts?
- dunkin donuts

72. do you want to get married?
- yes

73. what is your crush’s first and last initial?
- A.G. lolz @polystar10 again who could that be

74. are you going to change your last name when you get married?
- yup

75. what color looks best on you?
- red, navy, black, white

76. do you miss anyone right now?
- i kinda miss my cousins

77. do you sleep with your door open or closed?
- almost closed

78. do you believe in ghosts?
- nope

79. what is your biggest pet peeve?
- first thing that came to mind was "ppl who copy" so let's go with that cos it's true

8O. last person you called?
- no idea

81. favorite ice cream flavor?
- chocolate chip, toffee/caramel, coffee even though i don't like coffee hmm

- 82. regular oreos or golden oreos?
- regular

83. chocolate or rainbow sprinkles?
- chocolate

84. what shirt are you wearing?
- a stripy black and navy coloured shirt

85. what is your phone background?
- my doggy

86. are you outgoing or shy?
- probably more shy but not if i know you good

87. do you like it when people play with your hair?
- depends on who's doing it. if it's my sisters, then no because ew stop making my hair oily lol

88. do you like your neighbors?
- yupp love em

89. do you wash your face? at night? in the morning?
- yes, both

9O. have you ever been high?
- nope

91. have you ever been drunk?
- nope

92. last thing you ate?
- pringles

93. favorite lyrics right now
- idk i have lots but i'm lazy. actually i've always liked the lyric in this set's title

94. summer or winter?
- winter

95. day or night?
- day

96. dark, milk, or white chocolate?
- white

97. favorite month?
- february

98. what is your zodiac sign? 
- // 

99. who was the last person you cried in front of?
- probably my parents lol oops

woo. okay bye friends

comment your favourite ed sheeran song, if any, if you read all of this!

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@alexis-belaruano thanks! yeah, they're fun to do every now and then <3

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nice tag! Happy to see people still doing them <3 fave ed sheeran song im not sure :l

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@purplesequin16 it was fun to do! :) thank you so much ♥

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@falloutjadyn ah the struggle of storage problems lol



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