Word around town is that tonight, once the sun sets, a group of Hamptonites will be hitting the coastal beach for a little bit of rebellious fun, which naturally includes some skinny dipping and debauchery. Just don't get caught--or do, if that's your kind of thing. Bottom line, let loose and have fun. You deserve it.

Tonight was my kind of night: Socialites gone wild. I think we all needed to let our hair down and feel some sand between our toes, and some illegal substances running through our blood. But tonight wouldn't be all fun and games, I would have to rendezvous with Bijoux. I hoped the truth wouldn't be warped because of her relationship with Karlie. I didn't give up my prized possession for a half-assedd truth. 
It was just like a normal evening out: I went with Stuart, and switched back between Blemish and Mia, and everyone else.
"Oh, Lorelle! I think you have a rock in your top." She said knitting her eyebrows. 
"Fuckk, I didn't know it was that noticeable." I frowned. "It's my piercing, Mia." I said confidently, ready to laugh at her reaction.
"Lorelle-why! Ugh!" She threw her head back.
"Stuart likes it." I shrugged smiling.
"Stuart likes it." She mimicked in a annoying tone.
"Well, of course! It's your boobs!" she said in a loud whisper. I laughed to myself. 
I was about to ask her about her relationship with Teddy and about the date, but I saw Bijoux from the corner of my eye, strutting her - I mean my - nose ring. 
"I'm going to find Bella, she has more vodka." I lied and hustled away. 
I drew Bijoux away from her group of friends, and we started walking along the shore away from the party.
"So, how bad are things?" I asked lighting a cig. I offered her one, and she waved her hand in dismissal.
"You have one fucked up family and group of friends." She smirked.
"Tell me about it." I mumbled with my Black Devil in between my teeth. 
Bijoux slowed her pace and pulled out a few polaroids from her bra. 
My cigarette dropped into the sand (and so did my heartrate) when I could recognize what was truly going on.
"Oh my fuckingg god." I exclaimed, my jaw dropping.
First was a picture of Karlie, Mary, and Lia sitting in the Gatsby gardens, smiling and whatnot. The second was a picture of Lia and Hamish on top of eachother, making out. The third one was more disgusting- Lia and Karlie.
"Fuckk." I said shaking my head. I sighed in frustration, trying not to throw a fit.
"This will explain things more clearly." Bijoux said, as she gave me a CD.
"I recorded some parts of the conversation. Some of it is hard to understand thanks to the Gatsby electricity interference from the million goddamn chandeliers from that place."
I absent-mindedly took the CD from her hand.
"Why can't you just tell me what happened?"
"Hey, I'm just the delivery girl, not the messenger." Bijoux shrugged.
There was an awkward silence. I stared at the sand, kicking it and digging my toes.
"I'm sorry, I know this is rather...shocking." Bijoux tried comforting.
"Thank you." I smiled. "I need some time alone. I'll see you back at the party." I nodded, lighting another cigarette. I went to the farthest end of the beach, sitting on a stray rock, looking at the moon and hearing the waves echoing. I didn't know why it bothered me so much, but it did. It was overwhelming, and hard to explain. I layed out the pictures in front of me, and burned them one by one. I glared at the CD, and frantically walked back to the party.
Many people were gathered around a rather large bonfire, laughing and drinking. I spotted Stuart with Bella and Hamish.
"Lorelle!" Hamish waved. The man of the hour. 
I decided not to say a word. This would ruin Bella and Mia, and would mess up the triple date. I just had to pretend everything was okay.
"Hey, Hamish, Bella." I nodded and gave them a hug. I kissed Stuart on the cheek, and stood besides him, leaning against his arm.
"Where were you?" he asked.
"I took a walk!" I said imitating the Passion Pit song. 
"What that?" he said pointing to my CD.
"Something useless I found at the beach." I said gazing at the flames.
I threw the disc into the fire like a frisbee. The flames crackled and increased ten fold for a minute, causing oooh's and aaaaah's and cheers for me.
If only they knew that another reason they would be cheering is preventing one of the biggest Hampton scandals.
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