lalala. I have homework. I want this outfit. :D
My eye hurts, I think I bruised it. Yes, I'm a mess. I'm so stressed at the moment. I have this art painting that looks like complete shit and I need to finish it, or else I fail. 

You know, sometimes I wish that I didn't have to deal with all the drama with girls. I honestly get along better with guys than I do girls. My friends are fighting and stubborn, and I'm the middle man, once again. I don't take sides, and I feel like I'm backstabbing them when I listen to both sides. It's so annoying. And like, its over something so stupid. One of my friends is like, annoyed if you hang out with someone outside of our "group." But like, if we want to hang out with one of our friends, let us! Like, who are you to tell us otherwise? ugh, it's really annoying. Sorry for that little rant. :]
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