After a harsh reality check, she decides to take her anger out on the love of her life, Nico, by dating a minor god and shunning the son of Hades.

Oracle Dream:
Nico pinned her against a tree and kissed her. “Andi! Listen to me!” he shouted his voice pleading. He was crying and heartbroken while she fought against his embrace. “Andi! You can’t just go gallivanting off to Olympus!” She fought harder, her eyes never looking at him. “What about me?!”
“There never was you and I, Nico!” She shouted at him. “You just made it all up! There have been other guys and lots of them! But they were never you! I have never loved you! I never could and I never will!” She met his eyes with a firey glare as he shrunk away from her.
“So the truth comes out,” he muttered quietly.
“It’s always been out!”
“Andi! I’ve loved you every day of my life! Everyday I’ve known you you were in my head always! Every time you were with another guy I stood by with a pain in my chest letting you do what ever in Hades you wanted!” He was backing away from her now. “Is this what I get for silently loving you?” He shook his head and started running away from her, back to his cabin. He stopped on it’s porch and turned back to face her. “You’re a monster, Andi! I don’t know who you are any more.”
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