GODDESSES of OLYMPUS [inspiration]

I thought it might be a fun idea to make a challenge group. It's a quick one that requires very little commitment, and it can be done in any order. Take a look, see if it's your jam. If high cheekbones, imposing stares, and the ability to crush men with the magnitude of your divinity is your jam then this definitely is too.
This collection is just for inspiration if you're stuck. It's filled with dresses fit for goddesses. Doll-style gowns are near the bottom.
(for the record, here's the challenge...)
1. Athena (warfare, wisdom)
2. Aphrodite (love, beauty)
3. Artemis (hunt, wilderness)
4. Demeter (growth, agriculture)
5. Hera (marriage, empires)
6. Hestia (hearth, home)
7. Nyx (night, darkness)
8. Persephone (spring, underworld)
9. Amphitrite (sea)
10. Hecate (witchcraft, magic)
11. Selene (moon)
12. Antheia (gardens, swamps)
Join! http://www.polyvore.com/12_goddesses_olympus_challenge/group.show?id=192087

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