Hey { @gnarlycarly99! I hope you like this set yeah I know it's ratchet, but I tried my best to make it look just right for you. :) Hope you enjoy! ♥
Hello my beautiful mermaids, how's your day so far? Good? Yeah? I hope so. So this week I found out my friend Alex cracked his skull, but he's coming back to school next week. I couldn't contact him or anything all there was, was his instagram account but I know I wouldn't wouldn't be able to reach him like that.. The way he got his skull cracked was that he fell of his Penny Board.. anywhore PM if you wanna chat babes. I'm here. :)
Enjoy my wittle gorgeous muffins.❤✿∞-

Harry with a child, I repeat Harry with a child!

i'm okay/fine. that's a total lie, bby.

ya know, you can talk to me if you'd like to talk about your problems..

just wait for the right guy, hun



Do me this favor, pweaseee bby. c:
I hope you did it. c:
hope y'all enjoyed!

Again sorry for this crappy ratchet set, love. :c { @gnarlycarly99 

I love you.♥

Stay weird, my gorgeous mermaids. c; xx ♥

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