hi cupcakes.
I am so tired today. I was cleaning my room.
replying messages tomorrow. sorry babes.
maybe I'll be reading after publish this set.
idk but I love the outfit in this set. and Felicite looks gorgeous.
hope you like the set as I do.
see you tomorrow.
love you all.

♥ special tags ♥
@nessicaro first tag for you ♥ you're super cute c;
@ll4ma ly mrs. Hemmings c: you're a good friend.
@xo-selma you're fab cx hope we will meet! ♥
@raemae384 hiii super cute sets ♥
@isabellaangel meoow! there's a cat in your icon c'x
@lovvvcia cool sets. c;
@be-you-ti-ful aww your username is cute :3
@m-luvs1d hai thereee, cool sets too. c; 
@nickisha435 cute girl ♥
@best1dfan love your icon, so funny c'x
@little-bows omg your icon *-* so perfect.
@onedirectionsprincess13 here's your special tag honey c;
@hzlln lovely sets! c;

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