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I was tagged by @patpatkay in her gorgeous set: 
In this tag, you create a set of a famous person with a cat and submit it into this contest: 

I wanted to create a set of Alexa Chung with a cat but I couldn’t find any :| 
I remember seeing these amazing drawings of Audrey Kitching with a cat by @dollychops on her tumblr (I hope you don’t mind me using your drawings :)), so I have opted to creating a set of her. I have no idea who Audrey is, but these drawings are absolutely gorgeous <3 

Now I tag: 
@elishadanielle, @jesscullenbass, @kenguri, @hijabikebabi and @fashion-mariquita-camy 
If anyone else wants to do this tag, feel free and MEOW! Have fun ;) 

BRRRR! It is absolutely freezing out there! Snow has turned to ice and slush, that didn’t take long! :s it makes me wish I was somewhere warm right now :(

Going off to pattern cut now! This is drafts 4/8 (slowing getting there!)
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