"Hailey, wake up." Liam softly whispered in my ear. I groaned and tried to go back to sleep. "Come on baby girl. We gotta go to Lou and El's." "Do we have to? I just wanna cuddle all day." I said groggily and slowly opened my eyes. "Babe, I wish we could to that all day but, don't you want to see your friends?" "Yeah, I guess." I slowly got out of bed and went to shower. I got out and realized something. "Li, wheres Taylor?" I asked with the panic clear in my voice. "Babe clam down, shes in her room." he said as he wrapped his strong arms around my tiny waist. We swayed back and forth and Liam was softly singing in my ear. "I know you've never loved, the crinkles by your eyes when you smile you've never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine but i'll love them endlessly." He kissed me on the cheek and I spun around so that i was facing him. "I love you Liam James Payne." "I love you more Hailey Rose Payne." I smiled and kissed his lips softly before getting dressed. I walked into my closet to see that Liam already had an outfit picked out for me. He chose a cute blue sweater with a pair of red skinny jeans, and a cute scarf. For my shoes, I chose my brown boots and for jewelry, my cute red bracelet and my gold chanel earrings. I put my engagement ring on, and then my wedding ring. Liam and I got married about 3 years ago and had Taylor 6 months ago. She is perfect, her little giggle, her bright eyes, the way she smiles when Liam sings to her. Just everything about her. She is the only thing that kept me from killing myself last year. Her, and Liam. Liam was on tour and I had been getting a lot of hate. I was about to slice another cut in my arm, the cut that would have ended my life, but Liam came home early and cleaned up my wrist. He placed a soft kiss on each of the cuts and we cuddled the rst of the night while he rubbed my one-month baby bump. I felt horrible after that. I almost killed myself and Taylor. I haven't cut since then and I never want to again. Anyways, I curled my long brown hair and did my makeup. I chose some eyeliner, mascara, and neutral eyeshadow. I then put some soft pink lipstick on and did my face makeup which consisted of foundation, powder, concealer, and blush. Today I felt a little pale so I also put some bronzer on. I then went to go get Taylor ready. She was still in her little pajamas and Liam was playing with her in her bedroom. She was smiling and giggling. I wrapped my arms around Liam's waist and kissed his neck softly. "She is perfect." "Just like her mom." Liam said as he turned around and kissed my forehead. Taylor was still in his arms and smiling up at him. I blushed and looked at the ground. Li kissed my forehead again and handed Taylor to me. "I placed a gentle kiss on her forehead and smiled at her. She smiled back and giggled. "I'm gonna go get her ready, go shower babe." "What, are you saying I smell?" he said jokingly. "No, but i'm pretty sure you don't want to later." I kissed his lips and then got Taylor dressed. I put her in a cute little red dress and some sparkly silver toms. I brushed her hair and then went into the den and got us breakfast. I made pancakes for me and Liam and got Taylor her baby food. Liam came down and kissed me passionately. Taylor was in her high chair. I didn't want to pull away, ever. Reluctantly we pulled away, but put our foreheads together. "I really do love you, theres nobody else." "I know Liam, I can tell when your in love. You were in love with Danielle. I know that for a fact. I love you too." Me and Liam met through Dani. She is my cousin and introduced me to Liam when they first started dating. When they broke up, I comforted Dani until she was okay. I could tell that Liam was not though. He was my best friend so we were hanging out a lot. I told him he would find somebody perfect for him. Somebody that he would love no matter what. He told me that I was that girl, and kissed me. This was about 4 months after the breakup. Now me and Liam are married and I am having another baby. Nobody knows, not even Liam. I decided that I would tell him later. I mean, I only found out two days ago, and was still fearing that Liam would leave me. I know what your thinking. "That's crazy! He would never leave you!" I know, but i just have that fear in the back of my mind. The fear that he will just leave me and go to somebody else and take Taylor with him. I know Liam is not like that, but i'm just scared. Okay, well I lied about nobody knowing. El, Perrie, Kayla (Niall's wife), and Sarah (Harry's wife) all knew. I was only with El when I found out, but we decided to tell the girls. Nobody has told their husband yet and we are planning on telling them tonight. El andLou already have 2 kids, Edward and Rachael. 
 Zayn and Perrie have 1 kid, Nicole. Harry and Sarah have the most out of all of us. They have triplets. William, James, and Darcy. Niall and Kayla have a baby boy on the way. They are going to name him Nicholas. We didn't have to leave until 12 and it was only 10. We decided to watch Toy Story. Liam and I cuddled with Taylor in the middle of us. We were just cuddling and kissing, when my phone rang. I hopped off the couch and went into our bedroom to answer it. "Hey El, what's up?" I asked as I realized who it was. "Umm... we have a problem Hails." "What?" I asked getting worried. "Kayla lost the baby." She said trying to hold back her tears. I was speechless. I almost broke down, but stayed strong. "Oh my god." "Yeah, I know." "How do you know?" "Lou was at the doctor while she was getting an ultrasound and the doctor couldn't find the baby. They called in a bunch of specialists and she lost him." "Where is she right now?" "At her and Niall's house." "Meet me there?" "Of course. Are you going to bring Liam." "Yeah, Niall probably needs people there to comfort him too." "Alright i'll see you there." "Okay, bye Hailey she said as she sniffled. "Don't cry el. She's going to be okay." "I know i just feel horrible she said in between sobs. A tear rolled down my cheek and i said "I'll see you there alright?" "Okay. Bye Hails." I hung up the phone and started crying hysterically. Oh, did I mention that Kayla is my little sister. Yeah, I feel so bad for her. She is probably blaming herself for this. I got off the floor and went down to Liam. He saw that my eyes were red and puffy and without a word came over and hugged me. I started sobbing and shaking uncontrollably and Liam just calmed me. "What's wrong baby?" "Kayla. She lost the baby." Liam looked shocked and we both cried in each others arms. We then went over to Kayla and Niall's house to find that everybody was there except Zayn and Perrie. "Where is she?" "In her room with Niall." Harry responded. "I wouldn't go in there if I were you." El said. "Why?" "Because it's going to kill you to see Kayla this upset." "I don't care. She's my sister and I'm going to comfort her." I handed Taylor over to Liam and walked into her room. Niall was crying on the bed but Kay was nowhere to be found. "Niall? Where's Kayla?" "In the bathroom." "Niall... Is she doing what I think she is." He looked surprised. I mean i'm betting he didn't think of this because he has a million other thoughts running through his head right now. "Oh my god." he whispered. "KAYLA! Open the door princess!" "Please Kayla! I need to talk to you." She opened the door and I hugged her tight. There were no scars, no cuts, and no blood on the floor. "Shhh Kayla, it's going to be okay." "No it won't Hailey!
It's my fault the baby is gone! If the baby is dead, why should I live." "No, don't talk like that. You have a lot to live for Kay." I said as I wiped her tears. "There are so many people who love you, and will always be there for you. This is not your fault. Okay? You were doing everything right. You will have another baby. I know it wont replace Nicholas, but you and Niall love each other too much to let this stop you. You two love each other unconditionally." "He's probably mad that his wife is a screw up!" "Baby, don't say that." Niall said as he walked over to her. "This isn't your fault. We will get through this. Your a strong girl, and I know we will get through it." She hugged him tightly and he hugged her tighter. They pulled away slightly and kissed. "I love you Niall." "Your perfect. I love you more my Princess." Kayla released Niall and walked over to me. I wrapped her in my arms and could feel that she was about to cry again. "It's okay Kayla. Let it out." And after that she started crying hysterically into my arms. We sat on the bed and she cried until she fell asleep. Niall was still in the room, he left once to tell everybody that she was okay, and he was too. He came back about 20 minutes after he left though. "Niall?" I asked when Kayla fell asleep. "Yeah Hailey?" "Do you love my sister?" "Of course I do. More than anything." "You wont hurt her right?" "Of course not! Is that even a question?" I laughed slightly and got up to hug Niall. "Are you okay?" "No." he said and started crying. "It's okay Niall." "I know, I just hate seeing her like this. She looks so upset and she is blaming herself for this." "Just go cuddle with her okay? It will definitely make her feel better waking up in your arms." "Thank you for always being there for her." "I should be the one thanking you! Just don't ever hurt her okay?" "I promise, she's my everything." With that i kissed Niall on the cheek and left the room. I walked into the den and saw that Zayn and Perrie were here. I realized that I didn't say hello to anybody when I walked in. I first walked over to El, who looked so broken and hugged her. "She's okay. She will be fine alright, cheer up babe, she hates when your upset." I said as I smiled at her. She smiled back and then I went to Lou. He hugged me tightly and asked if I was okay. "I'm fine, as long as she has Niall in there with her she will be okay. If she is okay, then I am." He kissed my forehead and I walked over to Harry. "Are you okay babe?" 'I'm fine. I should be okay if she is, then I am." We hugged and then I walked over to Sarah who looked almost as upset as El did. I hugged her and she almost started crying. I just told her it's okay and she smiled weakly at me. I then went to Perrie and hugged her. I did the same with Zayn and then walked over to the man on my dreams. "Baby, are you okay?" "I'm fine Li." "No you're not." "I know." I said and he hugged me tightly. I felt a single tear roll down my cheek and Liam wiped it away. "She will be fine, okay?" "I know, I'm just scared." "About what?" "Okay, well I wasn't going to announce this until tonight but, girls.. would you tell the boys the good news." "One." El said. "Two." I heard from Perrie. "Three." said Sarah. "I'm pregnant." Liam smiled and picked me up in a huge hug. He spun me around and I laughed. He put me down and kissed me with so much passion. "I love you." "I love you more." I said and kissed him again. "Don't worry about losing the baby, we will be okay." "I know, I'm just scared, my baby sister just lost hers." "I know babe, but you will be okay." He kissed me again to reassure me and then Kayla and Niall came down smiling. "Why so smiley?" I joked. "Because, WE GOT YOU!" Everybody started laughing and me and Liam just looked around confused. "I never actually lost the baby! I just wanted to play a joke on you!" "KAYLA MARIE HORAN! WHY DID YOU DO THAT YOU SCARED ME!" "It was hilarious!" "No it wasn't! You made me think I was gonna lose my baby!" "Sorry sis! Love ya!" "Yeah yeah love you too." Wait, your pregnant?!" Niall asked. "Yeah." I replied smiling. We all headed over to Lou and El's and had dinner. We talked and laughed and by the time we were done watching movies with our kids, it was 10. "Well we better get home, got to put Tay to bed." We all hugged goodbye and agreed that we would see each other next week. When we got home, Liam and I changed and then changed Taylor. We were cuddled in bed when I asked, "So, you knew my sister was joking around?" "Nope, I was just as surprised as you were." "Why would she do that?!" I asked. "I don;t know but we will get her back." "I'm betting we will." "Go to bed butterfly." He said as he sung me to sleep. I feel asleep in his arms. God to I love him. 

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