The music was loud, and everyone was having a fun time. Including you. You had come to this party with your best friend Zayn, just to be supportive if his band, and really enjoyed it, since Zayn had already drunken six cups of a light beer. As you were talking to Zayn's bandmate Louis's girlfriend, you see Zayn walk up to you. He waits until you guys finish talking, then asks if he could speak to you. You say yes, and he takes you outside. Looking at you, he whispers "(Y/N), I've wanted to say this for so long, and I finally have the guys to say it. I love you, I love you with all my heart, and I need to know if you feel the same way. Do you?" He asks. You stare at him with shock, wondering if he really said what you thought he said. Slowly, you realize he did, and your lips curl into a smile. "I love you too, Zayn," you say, staring deeply into his eyes. He smiles with relief, then says, "Well, then I have just one question to ask. Would you like to be my girlfriend?" That question stunned you. "My best friend, Zayn Malik, wants to be my boyfriend?" You think to yourself. Looking back into his eyes, you say, "Yes, yes, of course I want to be your girlfriend!" You exclaim. "Then hopefully you won't mind this," he says, bending down, his sweet lips touching yours softly. When he pulled back, you both don't say a word, just walk inside hand in hand to tell the boys, and to party hard. And for Zayn to have a little bit more beer.

Sorry, it was short. Do you like it? Is it okay?

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