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awkward? oohh yea!

birthday? February 26

crushing? Justin Bieber

have you ever been to the ocean? Yup

have you almost drowned in the ocean? Nope, i can swim

what's the temperature outside? HOT

what was the last thing you bought? Gatorade

what was the last thing on tv you watched? PLL

who was the last person you took a picture of? Me

ever cried your heart out? yup

ever cried yourself to sleep? yup

ever cried over an opposite sex? yes

do you cry over injuries? no really unless its really bad

do songs make you cry? yes!

are you a happy person? most of the time :D

what's your current hair color? dark brown/black

currently wearing right now? a white top and a white skirt

bracelets? no

height? 5'2

What to do: Fill in these questions under a new set called "ABC Quiz" then tag 20 people. If I tagged you take this quiz then post it (don't forget to tag me because I want to see your answers)

Who i tag: @prejudiced, @raquel-t-k-m , @amy-lopez-cxxi, @rashiba-caprini , @alyssa-stocler , @selma-smith , @nadiasxox , @daisy2002 , @foreverheidi93 , @mhint , @aria-97 , @mxrs , @bambikisses , @han-nguyen-n , @nauditaolivia , @lenks , @heartart , @evangeline-lily , @anyaaltotskaya , @modernyouth , @cristina-nutty , @sweetpastelady , @kingcamm , @ladyvalkyrie , @ladykrystal , @discxnnect-ed , @nomnommonstah , @allamess , @irasimone , @susieqie
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