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I've been online shopping all day for Christmas presents for my bf!
And I bought him a blender/smoothie maker already.
Im going to buy him frozen fruit and frozen yogurt and stuff and wrap that up too. 
I hope he likes all the stuff I'm getting him.

OH! I bought myself my boots yesterday! I wore them today they are so f/ucking cute and awesome.
$100 boots for only $20 is f/ucking amazing. 
And I also bought some really cute leg wamers/boot toppers.

My bf comes thru the doorway with a 6-pack of Coors, awwwww!
I love him.

I came up with another tattoo design for myself:)

I think Im getting fat, ugh theres a baby in there.
No, just kidding.

I wish I had a cute little tree to put on top my dresser..

The other night my dad was sitting outside in his truck, my mom and brother were sitting downstairs. Apparently all the lights downstairs flickered and then my dad comes in the house or whatever and says that he seen 2 little kid ghosts step off the backporch and then the big light outside went off, and its timed with the streetlights, so no one around here acn just randomly turn it off.
I got so f/ucking freaked out. Because ghosts suck energy when they're around you know....... O_O

Time to go help my bf wrap x-mas presents.
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