So I was tagged by @stars-stripes-andchevron to do this preppy girl tag which I think is really cool, so thanks for tagging me!! If you are preppy and like preppy sets you should definitely go follow her if you don't already! <3 Anyway on with the tag! (:

1. What's your definition of preppy?

I think in a sense it's all about being positive, classy, thoughtful, kind, and patriotic! Fashion wise I think it's keeping things simple and classic while incorporating a few modern trends! Anyone can be preppy really!

2. All time favorite brand

I don't really have one but J.Crew probably, I don't really care about brand so long as the quality and style of the item is good haha!

3. Favorite Lilly item/favorite print

This is probably asking for clothing item but I love my Lilly Planner it honestly helps out so much and it's so cute and inexpensive! For print I love May Flowers <3

4. Favorite preppy youtuber

I don't really have a favorite preppy youtuber but I do follow a lot of beauty gurus on youtube I wouldn't consider them to be preppy though so..

5. Jack rogers or sperries

My sperries are so old and torn from what i've put them through so I think I love them a little more haha

6. Jeans or khakis 

Jeans all the way lol

7. Opinion on oxfords?

I think they are a classic preppy staple, they will always be in style and they are really good for layering and are literally perfect for anything sooo

8. Duck boots, riding boots, or hunters?

Umm it depends on what brand of riding boots but the ll bean boots are really reliable, wind, snow, rain, mud! So I really like them but Hunters are obvs my go to rain boots. 

9. Navy or black?

Black because i'm weird?? Haha idk I love black and need more black clothing tbh

10. 1-10 how much do you love j crew

7 I like most of their stuff while some of it is kind of blegh haha but always good!

11. Favorite Ralph Lauren clothing item?

My blue & white striped oxford 

12. Pearls or bows?

Pearls but bows are always adorable! 

I Tag : @beansprout15 @smorrisonn @thegingerprep @thevirginiaprep @preppyinpink14 @annaecummings-1 @mills-k @thepreppylife @jordanawarren

Have Fun!

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