This was going to be a tryout that I missed.
But, Hi!

I was in Disneyland again this past weekend, mostly California Adventure. It was over a hundred degrees in Anaheim, which sounds awful except I have realized since living in the cold foggy bay area that I am actually made for hot desert winds and golden sun. I'm like a lizard. Being back in the land of FOG and chilly breezes has made me sad.
I have my Disney Collage phone interview Thursday morning! This is my second try, so I'm in the midst of a 36 hour self prep rally. Like smiling over nothing, listening to Disney music, imagining how wonderful my life will be if I get accepted and all my wonderful /feeeeelings/ toward the park. Wish me luck, but don't jinx it.

In other news several things have been bumming me out lately but I'm not prepared to rant about them.
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