... You're gone..
You're gone...
The time is passing so slowly now
Guess that's my life without you ...
Baby why don't you see?
That I need you here with me ...
Poor her ! Poor my friend ! 
How come men are so easily changing their hearts' stuffs ? I do not mean to generalise anything but the majority of guys on earth are like that. When their love flame for anyone is still burnt, they are willing to promise anything though they might not able to fulfill it. But when their love flame is nearly used up, they are also the one who are willing to run away & deny every single thing that they have promised previously. With so many broken affairs mostly caused by men unfaithfulness, I find it hard to trust any guy's stuff. If any guy ever promised anything to me, I would take it as it was at its face value but I would never trust his promise until final fulfilment. Will any guy able to prove me wrong ????? Silent ! I get your answer. No one, I bet ! ~ sign ~
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