Doojoon today! :( But I don't mind because I saw Lee Beom Soo and Im Soo Hyang ^^ And seeing Beom Soo was one of my goal for today, so yay! :P He is so short!!! His profile says he is 171 cm but I swear he can't be over 165! Even he wore shoes with higher "heels"! You can find a photo of him on my FB if you are curious :D And I am glad that even he got in the car at first he came out again and talked with a staff member outside so we could take pictures of him ^^ 

And I met and talked with two really nice girl and we changed contact info. They were like: oh you don't have Hungarian k-pop friend? Then you have two now! :D One of them - she is Zsuzsi too! xD - knows the stylist for Iris 1 but she doesn't work for Iris 2 now...also her boyfriend knows one of the boy who was at the filming today, so she will try to ask for info! :D I hope he will give us some hint at least!

Anyway it was really cold today and I am probably sick already but its okay ^^ It was fun and I had a good time with the girls ^^ Also I am glad I didn't give up after one of the staff member said that Doojoon is not coming today for filming, so I could see Lee Beom Soo! :D

The staff was really nice anyway! And I was glad that the fans acted really mature, okay there were some fangirling - mostly over the staff members xD lol - but they weren't loud or anything, if they asked us to walk back we did without arguing. :)

I slept only like an hour, left home at 6:15AM and stood at the cold until 12AM xD haha... am I stupid? maybe? :D but who cares? Korean stars rarely come here! ^^

Anyway I am reading your stories girls! If I don't comment now, sorry! My brain stopped working for now... :D
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