" Everyone believes Einstein was a genius, but he never put socks on before his shoes, he could never keep a woman, and his hygiene was ridiculous[....]to conclude: everyone has their own special 'intelligence', there is not one definition, but billions. " -My Mom :)

RL: It's been three days since I made a set.. I hate procrastinating, but it seems Polyvore is the only thing that can relax me ha. I love the glamorous items and wonderful people *-* :). I have hw, so I'm gonna go get to that..otherwise, feel free to talk to me after 4pm <3 - Chandler 


Check out my VB (Victoria Beckham) Collection? I just added new bags =) One is featured in my set...


I have people asking me to make them drafts now o.O. Here's why I'm a bit hesitant... 

#1. I don't exactly know if you'll like HOW I make my sets or my style.

and #2. I make sets using specific items I find, and I don't like saving stuff that you probably won't like onto your account. It makes me look selfish, and I no longer like being looked that way -_- (not that I ever did ha)

Fact; I hate being single.
Truth; I don't want to put myself in a relationship right now...I need to grow up a little more mentally ha. If I pm you, it's cause I like making new friends :) Or because I haven't spoken to you in a while...

New SM :D
Sketching a closet for a client at Made Her Think, then I think I'm gonna go shopping and get some coffee. Working @ Hooters later... 
Leave me PMs :) 

-Sabrina R.
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