(2013/07/25) Just a simple set of IU. Her voice is so remarkable. She has a certain vibe in her voice which I can guess without even seeing her. And of course I love her high pitches! She's great and beautiful at the same time. Although her fashion isn't that impressive she has something cute and elegant at the same time. :-* Enjoy!

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Peachgirl100's questions:

1) Which k-pop group would you join? why?

- Probably I'd like to be the 5th member of 2NE1. I'm a big fan of this group and of it's music. I also think that the balance and cooperation in this group is really awesome :) I like every member, CL, Dara, Minzy & Bom, they're really something unique and special and of course I like the varity of there work.

2) What k-drama would you like to live in? Why?

- I really like a lot of K Drama's so it's a hard question. But I think at this moment it would be Boys Over Flowers. It's the first K-Drama I've watched and I really got emotional into it. I would enjoy having the F4 and Jandi as good friends, not only because of the good times and the happy ending but also because of the emotional and sad moments.

3) Which k-pop company would you join? why?

- I think it would be YG Entertainment. I also think that a lot of other company's like SM, Cube and Woolim do a great job, but probably it'll be YG because of 2NE1 and BIGBANG :)

4) Which K-pop idol would you like to be friends with? why?
- Well, that's hard to say. I'm that kind of person who likes almost everyone. Every K-Idol is so unique .. hmm I think a few examples are EXO's Kai, because of his skills and also his kindness, BIGBANG's GD, because of his fashion style and also his character and maybe AFTER SCHOOL's Lizzy, she seems to be really funny and well-mannered. But that's just a few :P

5) Which k-pop idol would you date? why?
- I would like to date Jung Yong Hwa of CNBLUE. Yong Hwa is really a handsome and kind hearted guy. And I laugh so much with his clumsiness and his humour. He's one of the person's who makes me feel bette just watching them or listening to there songs.

6) Who is your ultimate bias?
- Sry, I don't have any. Everytime I'm starting liking someone very much, I feel sorry for the other members of a group, so I try to have an overlook.

7) What k-pop group has the best outfits?
- I would say 2NE1 have awesome and unique fashion, but I really like SNSD's fashion as well, except of there cute concepts. 

8) Whose comeback are you excited about?
- Right now, I'm feeling so happy because most of my favorite band's like 2NE1, INFINITE, BEAST, EXO and B.A.P have there comebacks right now. But I'm looking forward to GD's Solo Album and also to 2NE1's new album.

9) What is you're dream outfit?

- I would like to wear a customized gown from Roberto Cavalli. He's my favorite designer :)

10) What are your favorite stores?

- I like Zara, Guess and Topshop.

11) What is your favorite k-pop group or solo artist?
- As I said before I like many K-Idols, but at the moment I'm into EXO!! I love them, each one of them!

My Questions:
1.) What is your favorite K-Drama and why?
2.) Which K-Idol has the most beautiful voice to you?
3.) Which K-Idol would be your best friend?
4.) With which K-Idol do you want to share a dorm with and why?
5.) Which K-Idol you like the least and why? 
6.) Which is your favorite Korean actor / actress?
7.) Which is your favorite K-song at this time?
8.) If you had the opportunity to go on a date with a K-Idol, who's going to be your choice?
9.) Which is the most funniest K-Idol?
10.) Which foreign artist do you want to collaborate with a K-Idol?
11.) Which K-Outfit is the most memorizable for you?

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