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25.04.13 - nighty night everyone xxx


I was tagged by @xxkrissixx in her lovely spring set

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1. Your favourite item of clothing in your wardrobe right now?
I'm a big fan of hoodies and sweatshirts

2. Your favourite song right now?
That's a tough one, because I always have lots of songs in my head, but I think Up In The Air by 30 Seconds To Mars is still bigger than the other ones

3. Do you like cooking and baking?
I like cooking, yeah

4. Which one is the last movie you saw in cinema?
Spring Breakers and I totally regret it

5. Do you prefer summer or winter?
Summer...even though I like spring the most

6. Is there any actor you don’t like? If yes: Who?
Adam Sandler, even though I liked 'Just Go With It'

7. What’s your eye colour?
Blue Grey Green

8. Dream Boy?
I don't have a real imagination of what he should look like, but if he doesn't have humor and doesn't like mine, we have a big problem, babe

9. Who’s your role model?
Hahaha, everyone should know that by now :D

10. Do you like your name?
If I forget why I have that name, yes 

My questions:
1. What's your favourite quote?
2. What's your favourite day of the week?
3. What do you think of rainy days?
4. What's your guilty pleasure?
5. What's your worst habit?
6. If you could go anywhere on vacation right now, where would you go? 
7. What's your all time favourite song/album?
8. What's your favourite fashion brand?
9. If you could have ANY job you want, which would it be?
10. What's your favourite movie from your childhood?

My tags:
1. @sawe
2. @hijabikebabi 
3. @tell-me-more 
4. @ashley-rebecca 
5. @lachompi09
6. @de-si-ree 
7. @milla-starinac
8. @bestdressx
9. @iloveyoudd
10. @limabean-347
11. @anelalovenathan

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