Such a very long time i'm not made set with Japan's photographs and here this set pics were located to where i live Akibahara-Minato,Tokyo.i missing to this feeling<3
where's Tokyo Tower can be seen even from a far.
don't confused that was Eiffel it's Tokyo Tower guys.

I used to walking through these path everyday,also picture were from me&Steph real life photographs.
lately my friend not anymore post new photograph of her i missing to made set with her photograph well photo i were took not in HD version like my friend did ,my pic's not good enough btw.
Plus,the girls Arisa(left) ,Tina(right) i used to know them in person i am their senior 
and maybe Kpop fans similar with her name?
Arisa(girl with long hair) joining WGM global with Key SHINee don't hate her she's pretty,nice and good person.
she's a half Japanese/half France fluent in 3 languages.
in Japan she's famous enough,she's model i just knew it that Arisa is Key's wife in WGM and already received many hates from Kpop/Key/SHINee's fans
i'd like to say that Arisa is deserved the best too
she isn't someone no name, well in Japan she's dream girl(picture to her as Suzy in Kpop you'll get it) just you know it's typically not linking to Kpop before not mean she's underrated.
somehow i think Key deserved her more,idk i just seeing Key is simple this time.look at her face the naturally beauty i can say.
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