the city of gotham has been covered with graffiti seemingly over night and all seems to be in correlation to the joker's recent crimes. today a town hall meeting will be held in order to work on the recovery of the city.

“Is this really necessary?” I tried to keep up with Bruce’s fast pace, barely holding the folders in my hands. “I mean, I’m a business intern, I don’t see a reason why I should go to this town hall meeting..” 
“Why? Do you have any plans?” Bruce finally stopped walking. 
“Actually....” I pause trying to think of a good lie. I /had/ to have other plans. And spending my entire day in a stupid town hall wasn’t on my to do list. “... no.” 
“Then you’ll make me company.” Something that resembled a smile appeared on his lips, but then it quickly fade away. 
“It’s just graffiti, Bruce. I don’t see what’s the big deal about some street art...” I rolled my eyes. I also didn’t see why /he/ was here. Wasn’t he a businessman? 
“Well, to them it isn’t.” Bruce finally stopped walking and pointed his finger onto the herd of police officers and journalist in front of the town hall door. 
I scoffed. “Seriously? You people over think too much. Have you considered that it might be a bunch of kids pulling a silly prank?” 
“If it were a prank, I don’t think people would care...” a blond young woman approached us, with a confident smile. “Lynx Dubois, forensics department.” She sure didn’t look like she was from the forensics department, but who am I to judge? 
“We’ve met.” Bruce said smiling. 
“But we haven’t met.” I said grinning childishly. “Charlotte Conrad, I’m from the intern department. I would love to shake your hand, but as you can see my hands are full.” I smiled, a small amount of sarcasm in my voice. Not to mention the look of Bruce’s face when I indirectly mentioned that he torture me with paper work and folders. 
Lynx smiled pleasantly. “So, what seems to be the case?” I asked, acting all detective and stuff. 
“For now, only that the city was covered in graffiti overnight.” Lynx sighed. 
“Any psychological explanation?” Bruce asked, his voice dead serious, as he held his hands into his pants’ pockets. 
“Well...-“ Lynx started explaining the psychological condition of the prank, while I was struggling with the folders that were making my arms feel numb. Not able to hold then for a second, I slowly backed away, trying to find a chair were I can place the burden I was given. 
The numbness spread quickly than expected and the folders collapsed right in front of my feet. 
“Merde!” I cursed under my breath, quickly looking behind my shoulder hoping Bruce didn’t notice. He didn’t. I sighed in relief and kneeled gathering the papers. 
“Need help?” I heard a voice above me. 
“Not really, but thanks anyway..” I looked up, a smile spreading across my lips when I saw a familiar face. At least I think he looked familiar. 
“Hello Charlotte.” He kneeled in front of me and gathered the papers. 
“Hello...” I quickly searched for his name tag, “John Blake.” 
“You read my name tag?” he chuckled. 
“I’m not good with name. But I did remember you.” I pointed my finger at him, grinning. 
“What are you doing here?” 
“I’m accompanying my boss, “ I glanced over at Bruce, who was now making a conversation with both Lynx and Rachel. 
“A-ha, well that’s the last one.” John handed me the last folder and we both got up. 
“Thanks.” I hugged the folders, smiling. 
“You know...” he awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck, “... I was wondering...” I widened my eyes, is he going to ask me out? What do I say? Calm down Charlotte, maybe he isn’t going to ask you out. “.. when are you planning on returning my jacket?” he smirked. 
So much of the date. “I thought you said I can keep it...” I said innocently. 
“I need an excuse to see you..” he shrugged, his cheeks blushing. Aw, he was shy. 
“Come over tonight the Wayne mansion.” I smiled and walked over to Bruce. 
“You ready?” Bruce asked me, his conversation finally over. 
“Yup.” I nodded. 
As we were walking towards the room, I looked over Rachel, “Answer me honestly, ok?” 
Rachel nodded, looking at me confused. “All of this is a big old prank, right?” 

After sitting in a chair for whole two hours, I don’t think my butt has ever felt number before. Not to mention that the muscles in my arms were aching like crazy. Thing like this make me over think the major I chose in college. I knew that I should’ve chosen fashion and design. Maybe then I wouldn’t be made to sit on a stupid meeting and listening to people arguing about what’s the best way to protect Gotham. 
Well they have Batman. And that a.sshole Nightwing. And now they have me... I mean Batgirl. So practically they have nothing to worry about. Despite, I think that the graffiti are quite the nice touch. The colorful drawing and letters make Gotham look more lively. 
“Can I take your order?” the cashier asked me with a monotone voice. 
“Uhm, I’ll take a caramel coffee.” I smiled politely, even though the guy didn’t deserve a smile. 
I tapped my fingers impatiently on the counter, wanting to go home and maybe watch some TV. I should also start packing soon, I’ve been living with the Wayne/Grayson/Pennyworth’s for way too long. Maybe having Sabrina around makes thing easier, but still, boys will be boys, and for some odd reason Sabrina seems to get along with them much better than I do. 
“Dark coffee, no sugar please.” I glanced over at the young woman standing next to me. Her long blond hair was messy and she looked very familiar. Noticing my gaze, she turned around and flashed me a slight smile. “Have we met?” 
“I... think so?” I tried to remember, but it didn’t ring any bells. “I’m Charlotte, anyways.” 
Naomi, Naomi, Naomi... I remember! 
“The masquerade?” I asked, hoping that I got it right. 
“Yes.” She nodded. 
Feeling proud, I smiled to myself. “So...” I tried to make conversation, while waiting for my coffee. “...what do you think of the art?” 
“What art?” she turned around. 
“The one outside.” I cocked my head, motioning to the streets. 
“Oh, it’s a nice touch.” She said nonchalantly. 
“I think the same thing. Makes the city look all colorful and lively.” I smiled cheerfully. 
“Yet, Gotham still looks dull.” Naomi said calmly. 
“Are you a poet?” 
“Have you ever published a book?” I titled my head on my hand. 
“Yes. ‘Breaking the Bones’.” She answered calmly. 
“Sounds dark.” I smiled. 
“I am dark.” 
I widened my eyes. This girl scares me. Like a lot. 
“Caramel coffee?” the monotone voice of the cashier echoed behind me. 
“That’s me.” I raised my hand, and grabbed the coffee out of his hand. “It was really nice to meet you, Naomi.” I smiled, and exited the coffee shop. Finally, I can go home. 

Entering the manor through the back door has become a habit of mine. Not that I don’t want to bother Alfred, is just I have a thing for back doors. 
“Hello Alfred.” I greeted him cheerfully. “What’s cooking?” 
“Roasted pork.” 
“Sweet.” I walked pass him. 
On my way to the stairs, I peeked in the living room. 
“Hey Sabrina.” I waved at her enthusiastically. 
“Hello.” She smiled. “What happened today?” 
“Nothing special. A prank.” I shrugged. 
“Is that your explanation to the condition?.” She asked, chuckling. 
“Yes.” I nodded, grinning. 

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Wrote 4 years ago
@abcdefuck ... i change my mind about the graffiti bringing liveliness to gotham.

Wrote 4 years ago
Most of the grafitti is nice, except the Joker related ones, which are rumored to be done in blood.
It was lovely meeting you, by the way.
- Lynx

Wrote 4 years ago
@oedipus @anahelenaliveshere thanks girls. :)
@sophiaspastic yes you have. i'm checking for a sabrina story almost everyday. :D

Wrote 4 years ago
mgmgmmdshsh the awesome feels about naomi being creepy xD




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