DAY 55.

lucy alison tremaine
scent - chanel chance
mood - stunt-y
hair - both pics
nails - o.p.i.; russian navy
lips - burt's bees; rose tinted lip balm
music - what's my name? by rihanna ft. drake
food - cigarettes
where - la
with - the boys
Rob Dyrdek clapped his hands together happily, nudging Kitty Stanton besides him. The two of them giggled and began chanting, “DO IT, DO IT, DO IT.”

I wasn’t sure why I was doing it, but it seemed my older brother, Jeff Tremaine, nodded convincingly at me. Typically he liked keeping me away from any dangerous stunts, but apparently, bungee jumping was completely safe. Unfortunately for me, I had an irrational fear of heights.

Rick Kosick, the cameraman, adjusted the giant piece of machinery on his shoulder as I looked down past my feet again. I was really high up.

“Jeff, I don’t want to do it,” I cried. He had to have known how scared I was. Put me on a skateboard with Kitty, Bam, and Steve-O and we’d film anything, but this… this was too far. This was taking everything I absolutely detested, such as heights and cold weather, and bundling into one uncomfortable bit. I wouldn’t do it.

“Come on, Lucy!” Kitty shouted behind me, sending words of comfort my way. “You can do this!”

“Yeah!” Rob agreed. “Show us how it’s done!”

I stepped away from the bridge and began unbuckling the vest that kept me attached to the bungee chord. I tossed it on the ground and turned away from the camera, marching in the direction of my car. Jeff called after me. “LUCE! LUCY! YOU HAVE TO DO THIS!”

“I don’t have to fuucking do anything!” I cried, storming past Rob and Kitty. Both of them tried to call me back to the stunt too but I refused. There was no way I was doing that. Fuuck off.

I could hear Rob, Kitty, and Jeff congregate not too far off as I reached the end of the bridge and took a seat on the asphalt.

“Call Knoxville,” Kitty suggested. “Lucy’s close to him, I’m sure he’ll talk her into it.”

“Knoxville’s dealing with personal stuff right now,” Jeff frowned, sounding somewhat sad. He then regained his composure.

“Dude, Kitty’s right,” Rob argued. “Call up Knoxville. Besides, he’s due to film a bit too.”

I glanced over my shoulder at them and saw Jeff pull his phone out of his pocket. Great. Now I was going to have Knoxville here too and see how scared I was of doing this. I really didn’t want to do this.

I had never liked heights so I wasn’t even sure why I agreed to do come out here today.
Maybe because Jeff told me we were filming Steve-O and I was just a miniscule bystander. But when we all arrived out to the bridge this morning, Steve-O didn’t show. I theorized that it was because he was never informed of the stunt in the first place, but Jeff rambled on about how Steve, or Sleep-O rather, never wakes up on time.

Then again, Sleep-O wasn’t Sober Steve-O. 

I sat to myself for a while, thankful none of the other cast members came over to convince me into the bit when a car pulled into the lot. I recognized it as Johnny’s. I took a deep breath and sighed, glancing down at my feet. I could hear him park and his door opened, before he jumped out and began heading in my direction.

He smiled at me from the distance.

“LUCY!” He called as I bit my lip nervously. I hated being convinced into things I didn’t want to do. Maybe it was because I was sort of a strong, independent type and I hated when people told me what to do, but whatever. I was a stubborn Tremaine, just as stubborn as Jeff.

He stopped before me and shot me a look.

“Luce, why won’t you do the bit?”

I groaned.

“I don’t like heights and I am not jumping to my death, okay?”

He sat down besides me. I could feel his knee touching my own.

“You have to do it! We have to get the shot,”

“Then why doesn’t Rob do it? Or you? You guys are the veterans at this, the crowd favorites. No one even knows who I am.”

After the first couple of episodes premiered, the producers said the audience liked the bits with the old guys best. Meaning I was irrelevant.

“Lucy, don’t say that,” Johnny wrapped his arm around my shoulders, pulling me towards him. He smelled delicious, I noted. I didn’t like that I felt that way about him.

“Why not? It’s true…” Maybe it was the old, self-conscious Lucy shinning through, but I was always the one no one liked. I was loud, expressed my thoughts, and did whatever the fuuck I wanted. That trait in a woman pissed a lot of people off.

“Lucy, who cares about what people fuucking think? The guys all love you, Kitty loves you, your brother loves you, I love you, so what does it matter? Is this really a fear of heights or is this a fear of disappointing everyone else?” He words made so much sense, but I couldn’t seem to focus on his sentence after he said ‘I love you’. He loves me? What?

I took a deep breath and fiddled with my fingers for a second before standing up and pulling Knoxville up with me. Jeff eyed us anxiously, probably wondering if Knoxville had it in him to convince me into it. Sadly enough, he knew what to say.

“Fine, fuuck all of you, I’ll do the goddamn bit.”

Jeff, Rob, and Kitty all cheered.

“YAY FOR KNOXVILLE!” Rob shouted.

“LUCY GREW A PAIR!” Kitty added.

We all laughed.

Johnny eyed Jeff before looking at me again.

“I’ll do the bit with you.”


Johnny sighed and repeated his previous statement. “I said, I’ll do the bit with you.”

Holy sh*t.


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jackass factory, prp (jf)

jackass factory, prp (jf)

A private roleplay created by Sophia (@neusex) on September 28th, 2012. Based on the Jackass, Fantasy Factory, and Viva La Bam television shows on MTV.
"Hi I'm Johnny Knoxville - welcome to Jackass!"
"My job on the show is to be naked, not kill myself." - Chris Pontius
"That's the story of Jackass there! Just pissing in the wind!" - Johnny Knoxville
If you've ever turned on a TV in the last 12 years, you've heard of one of the shows produced by Dickhouse Production company, created by Jeff Tremaine and Johnny Knoxville. They've made MTV hits such as Jackass (which went on to become an infamous series of movies), Wildboyz, Fantasy Factory, Ridiculousness, and many, many more. Known for their humorous and casual approach for filming and creating some of the most famous (and blatantly idiotic) people of our generation, both MTV and Dickhouse are coming together once more for their latest TV creation. Close friends, Johnny Knoxville, Rob Dyrdek, and Jeff Tremaine met one day at Dyrdek's own home and an idea was formed; why not take all the best aspects from former Dickhouse hits and combine them into one? Thus, Jackass Factory was born. Along with Rob and Johnny, the show will be centric around old Jackass favorites (including Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Wee Man, Preston Lacy, Dave England, Danger Ehren), the CKY Crew (Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Brandon Dicamillo, Raab Himself, Rake Yohn), the Fantasy Factory members (Drama Pfaff, Big Cat Pfaff, Big Black, Steelo Brim, Chanel Westcoast), the Nitro Circus guys (and gals), and fellow female newcomers, Lucy Tremaine (Jeff's own little sister), and Alyson Fernidad (a hilarious animal trainer). Taking Jackass' stunts, the Fantasy Factory's camaraderie, Viva La Bam's reality element, and Wildboyz's travel aspects, it seems the newest creation might be the biggest, best, and stupidest yet. And lucky you. You're in for one wild ride.
Jackass Factory has been on the air for almost a year now and thanks to everyone's wild antics, it's become a major success. We've been catapulted into a world of superstardom and fame, at least the newbies, thanks to the quality air time but the only question now remains - how long will our 15 minutes last ?
☾ The Girls ☽
Lucy Alison Tremaine (26)
Hometown; Rockville, Maryland
Likes; Johnny Knoxville, stunts, cigarettes, the color black, surfing, crucifixes, older men, bandanas, milk, astrology, coffee, indie music, pianos, toe rings, crappy bars, surf music, fishnets, DJing, skateboarding, stilettos.
Dislikes; heights, conformity, restrictions, ignorance, middle america, high school, mainstream music, bad literature, religious freaks, elitists, rich white kids, tarnished silver.
Bio; No one ever suspected Lucy Tremaine would /actually/ make it. She always talked about leaving her small town in Maryland for California and making her musical dreams come true, but after her older brother, Jeff Tremaine, came to fame with his TV gold, no one thought lightening would strike twice. But it did. Lucy was the youngest and only daughter birthed into the Tremaine family. Both her mother and father were surprised at the pregnancy, especially since they already had two adult sons. Growing up, Lucy's life was fairly and averagely boring, from her middle-aged parents to the plain suburbia of Rockville. The only thing she ever really looked forward to was visiting her brother, Jeff, at his college in St. Louis, Missouri. Despite the 21 year age gap between the two, they always had a close relationship and a strong bond, as confirmed by their identical personalities. After he moved out to Los Angeles, Lucy found herself growing jealous of his newfound life and career. Jeff (alongside Johnny Knoxville and Spike Jonze [who also lived in Rockville and knew both Jeff and Lucy well]) created Dickhouse Productions and began the show known only as 'Jackass'. Once Lucy graduated high school, she knew she couldn't stay in Maryland much longer. She kissed both her parents on the cheek and purchased a one way plane ticket out to California, in order to follow in her brother's footsteps. Upon Lucy's move, she enrolled at the University of California, Los Angeles with a double English and Prelaw major. After her graduation in 2009 (which ironically enough, the Jackass crew all attended) and she received her Bachelor's Degree, she decided to put off going back for Law School (and following her parents' dream of becoming a Persecutor) to focus on her music. Without a job and much else to her name, Lucy had no other option; she had to move back home. Luckily enough, her brother and his counterparts decided to produce a new television show, a compilation of all of their previous works merged into one. Jeff knew his sister would be perfect for the project and within days of its conception, Lucy Tremaine was signed on to be one of the main stars of MTV's Jackass Factory. After season one aired, Lucy was instantly catapulted into a whirlwind of fame. Through the show, Lucy gained a sense of notoriety that not too many others can claim and also managed to secure herself a very serious relationship with costar and producer, Johnny Knoxville. Well into its second season, Jackass Factory is a smash hit and as is Lucy Tremaine. Seems everything is looking up for her... right?
(Sasha Grey)
Taken by; @neusex
Alyson Marie Fernidad (26)
Hometown; San Francisco, California
Likes; Animals, Vodka, Skateboarding, Pranks, Muscle tees, Jackasses, Karaoke, Shoes, Cigarettes, Her BFF Lucy
Dislikes; Skanks, Rainy days, Unconfidence, Fakes, Liars, Bad attitudes, Religious freaks
Bio; Alyson Marie Fernidad was born and raised on the hipster streets of San Fran. Her father, a reform minister, always taught Aly those good 'ol Catholic values growing up, something she secretly detested. Her mother was pretty much non-existent, having left before her daughter even got to know her. Alyson spent many a summer up at her father's horse ranch in NoCal, where some of her fave pastimes included grooming horses and taking care of the other critters on the ranch. She dreamed of becoming a veterinarian, but after a few years of medical schooling, Aly realized she wanted to wander down a different path. She wanted to pack up and move to the city of angels, a place Aly always dreamed of living. So, like the rash decision-maker she is, Aly got herself a one way ticket to LA, and barely scraped by with a two year internship at MTV. After reuniting with her old friend, Bam Margera, he told her about their latest show in the works and offered her a spot on the crew. With all her past animal experience, Aly was the perfect candidate, and just like that she went from backup to assistant animal wrangler, right beside Manny and David. She even took place in some stunts from time to time, and spent her free days skating with the guys. After two great seasons on the show, Aly was informed of her father's declining health, and had to return to San Fran right away. And unfortunately, Alyson left some unfinished business behind with one of her fellow cast members. But now that she's back, Aly's once again ready to be apart of the JF crew, and engage in her old shenanigans once again.
(Lily Donaldson)
Taken by; @haute-hippie
Layla Mancini (25)
Hometown; Memphis, Tennessee
Likes: motorcycles, leather clothing, extreme sports, the beach, beer, adrenaline, meat, men, outdoors, her family, jeans, cars, whiskey.
Dislikes: people who don’t like to get dirty, dresses, acting girly, make up, vegetables, cigarettes, weddings, vanilla, flowers, school.
Layla comes straight from Tennessee, youngest daughter of a big, traditional Italian family. Since she was a little girl she knew that skirts and lipstick didn’t suit her, instead of playing with dolls she enjoyed helping her dad fixing his old camaro and trying to do a whiplash on her bike. Since those old days she hasn’t changed a bit, she’s still that loud girl with her knees always scratched and bruised, now she’s a professional motocross rider and lives in LA, always looking for a new risky thing to do. And that's when the Nitros Circus crew asked her to be a guest on the show, there, she met the love of her life; Travis Pastrana. The minute they looked at each other, they knew they would be something important to each other, but none of them has dared to take the first step for the fear of the feeling to not be mutual. Although that, they're always together, and that's how she met the Jackass crew and clicked with them instantly.
(Rosie Huntington-Whiteley)
Taken by; @pentax
Carmen Elise Star (21)
Hometown; Brooklyn, New York
Carmen is a weird kid, physically and mentally. Born Daniel Ratcliff, Carmen started taking hormones in secret once she turned 15 from a Puerto-Rican drag queen that lived a few units away from her in her Brooklyn ghetto. Daniel had always wanted to be a woman, often stealing his mother's old dresses and parading about New York City with long hair, full on drag makeup, and 6-inch heels he stole from Bloomingdales during his first prank ever. When her mother, a single parent and radical christian, saw her son growing breasts and sneaking out of the house wearing fur coats and red lipstick, Carmen was forced out of her home when her mother gave her away to state custody. Ever since then, Carmen was sent to multiple highschools all across New York city, being bullied for her obvious transgendered appearance, and feeling a sense of emptiness from foster parents who treaded lightly with her. However, Carmen turned her life around from the mental pain and suffering by graduating highschool early as she was deemed as a prodigy. Among her peers, Carmen was seen as a psycho for her appearance and her daredevil nature: Carmen would do any dare, prank, or set up a charming yet humiliating joke against a teacher. Although Carmen's intellect helped her get through many situations in life, she yearned for more. With her new identity as a soon-to-be full fleged woman, Carmen went on to being able to legally live on her own and was at the time the youngest student to have been able to be accepted at Parsons The New School of Design. However while in college, Carmen majored in film and minored in fashion design, yet dropped out of college to persue a career as an independent film artist, wardrobe specialist, but more importantly, a prankster. Carmen yearned to be the bad person that everyone envisioned her as yet on her own premises. Recently all she's been doing is interning behind the scenes with major production studios and on the sets of big time television shows but only as a backup stage and stylist hand. However, this girl has some major potential and wants to let the world know it. When she's not scrutinizing every little detail on set in her design portfolio or plotting a rediculously dangerous prank for her"celebrity hit list", Carmen is a religious follower of the Jackass franchise and has always wanted to be on the team. Moreso, Carmen is highly attracted to the staff, whom were her only escape during her whole sex transition and highschool years, as they provided the danger and expression that Carmen craved. Now she'll stop at nothing to get a piece of their action, no matter what the cost.
(Chanelle Elise)
Taken by; @effyeahleofashionista
Sybil Marjorie Reeves (26)
Hometown; Franklin, North Carolina
Likes: jeans, crop tops, beanies, sweaters, dresses, mashed potatoes, big dogs, glitter, sneakers, skateboards, holidays, sunglasses
Dislikes: olives, rum, unsweetened tea, hamsters, pop music, stand-up comedy, sand
Her life started splendidly - she and her twin brother (Silas) were ahead of their age by any academic standard. They even graduated high school together at the age of sixteen. However, once Sybil found herself at Georgetown, she also found the world in a way her parents had never let her see it. Suddenly, she threw her first-class education out the window and sent her parents the refund for the tuition for her second year of university. Needless to say, they were furious that their darling daughter decided to "give up her life" and move to Los Angeles to seek out a modeling career. So far, life's good for Sybil. She's got a successful vlog on YouTube and is booking about three shoots a month. Silas is unhappy with his sister as well and is constantly trying to set her up with any of his doctor-friends in LA, so she'll be taken care of. Little does her family know, little Syb is perfectly grown up and can manage things herself.
(Felicia Frithiof)
Taken by; @druesaysrelax
Celeste Holloway (27)
Hometown; London, England
Likes; over-sized sweaters, gym, comedians, loud music, ankle boots, wrestling, sunglasses, her accomplishments, leather, men, sneakers, vegetables, tattoos
Dislikes; cheap wine, winter, liars, over-confident people, strong cologne, coffee, paparazzi, media, pink, ripped tights, classical music, early mornings, rules, school
Bio; Celeste grew up in London, England with the slang and thick accent as proof. She was raised by a happily married couple and lived under the same roof as her three older brothers who she was really close to. They had their ups and downs but in the end, Celeste wouldn't have wanted it any other way; they taught her how to defend herself, how to stay on the right path and give her helpful advice when necessary. In relation to defending herself, she was educated on self defense tactics and soon with her love of sports, she became interested in wrestling. She was on the school wrestling team as surprising as it seemed to everyone she told; a tall, beautiful girl who could have made it into the modelling industry if she tried, was wrestling. Her parents had always thought it was as a phase but her passion for sports and wrestling grew stronger, and when confessing that she wanted a career as a wrestler, everyone shook their head. Her parents were even a little hesitant. Celeste, with the support of her family, especially her brothers, traveled to Florida in order to participate in WWE NXT. With the gradual experience and improved skills, she moved onto WWE Smackdown, where she has now been wrestling for 5 years under her ring name 'Cece.' Celeste is over-the-moon about where she is today, even if it has taken a long time; she knew it wasn't going to be easy. Celeste continues to travel for her job as WWE Diva and in the last couple of years has even taken up modeling. She was hesitant at first about modeling but soon opened her mind to the opportunity granted to her. Celeste is a very busy girl but still makes time to visit her old friends from Jackass and Fantasy Factory, who recently formed Jackass Factory.
(Jourdan Dunn)
Taken by; @sarahstardom

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