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~Goodbye Copenhagen, New Politics [[Okay wow so I love every single song by New Politics]]

CONCERT MUSIC FESTIVAL REVIEW TIME!!! (This all happened yesterday! Keep reading if you love Walk the Moon, New Politics, Phantogram, and Fitz and the Tantrums and more!)

It was PERFECT. I went in with very few expectations and wowwwww I can't believe how amazing it was. It was my first time going and ahhhhhhhhh. I can't believe I got to interact with so many of the band members. 

Let's start with the morning....

The first band that I watched from start to finish was Finish Ticket. Before them it was SKATERS. There were over 30 bands in total but I only watched 11. Finish Ticket are so goooood! I love everything by them but these are the songs I recommend: Doctor, In the Summer, Tranquilize, Hyrule, New York, Bring the Rain, and Catch You On My Way Out. Their album has been on replay. I was front row for most of the bands, including Finish Ticket. Funny story, the lead singer Brendan Hoye came out to watch Walk the Moon and he was standing right next to me!!! An inch away! It was like were at the concert together. I said hi to him but he didn't talk much, just said "Thanks!" with a smile when I said I love his music. He did try to say something else to me about Walk the Moon but I couldn't hear him over the noise. He was watching Walk the Moon with so much respect and his eyes were full of wonder. They [Finish Ticket] are going to be big, I think. I <3 Finish Ticket. Okay, I'll stop talking about them now. 

Next was Bear Hands! They were really fun. I already loved all their songs. I recommend: Giants, High Society, Agora, and Bone Digger. They have a really unique sound and I love them. Big Data was next and they were great, didn't see much. Love their song called Dangerous and few others.

Then it was time for Birds of Tokyo!!!! They're from Australia and aghhhh their accents were swoon-worthy! I seriously love every song of theirs. I recommend: This Fire, Lanterns, Circles, Plans, When the Night Falls Quiet, Plans, and Wild at Heart. 

Right after Birds of Tokyo were the Bleachers (I recommend I Wanna Get Better and Shadows by Bleachers) and Cherub but I don't care for them annnnnddd I had to go try to meet Walk the Moon and New Politics so we ditched our great "seats" (the front row) and went in line to meet WTM and NP. We were in line for an hour but it was so worth it. It didn't even feel like that long because of the ongoing music (and the bands came out early which was nice so we didn't have to wait long!). I wanted to meet Walk the Moon but the line was too long and I was already in line for New Politics. But as were inching closer in line, Nicholas Petricca from WTM saw me so I waved and smiled and he waved and smiled and we made eye contact. He's adorable <333

------------------THEN THE BEST PART. New Politics came out! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh David Boyd is beautiful. He can't be real. But he is. I met him. If you didn't happen to know that the lead singer from New Politics is GORGEOUS, you are missing out. He was so happy and smiley and they all were, Soren and Louis too. So finally it was my turn to get their autograph. Soren was so sweet and he said "How are you?" and ahhh he's so nice. We took a selfie but it was so blurry and so not post-worthy. Then Louis! aaahhhh he's so beautiful!!! We took a pic too but the lighting was horrible and too bright :( He's the drummer and he is so cute. Then DAVID BOYD. He was such a sweetheart. So nice. Our convo:

David Boyd: Hi (Starts signing his autograph)
Me: Hi, can I get a picture?
David Boyd: Sure (Looking perfect and cute and his eyes are so pretty and blue and his skin and his hair and everything oh mmmyyyy, the pictures turned out really bad but I still posted them on dainti.tumblr.com so check it out if you wanna see them!) 
Me: Thank you! I love your prank calls! They're so funny! [You NEED to watch his prank calls on Youtube]
David Boyd: Oh (Starts laughing his cute little laugh)
Me: Can I get a hug?
David Boyd: Yeah, of course. (We proceed to hug and it's not a over-the-counter hug, it's a full-on hug and he's so warm and it was the best hug ever seriously ahhh I can't believe I HUGGED David Boyd!) Then he said "Aw, thank you," in such an appreciative tone when I gave him a present). HE IS SUCH A BABE. I will never forget meeting him. It was real. It happened. Ahhhh I can't even. 

I was internally dying of shock and during this whole time it never occurred to me to get a better picture (aka NOT a blurry seflie) but you know what, who cares? We could've talked longer but I was kinda shaky and my mind was blanking. Oh well. There's no point in worrying about it now. There'll be a next time. I really hope! <333333333333

Then it was time to go back to watch the KONGOS, MS MR, and Walk the Moon. It was ridiculously easy for me to get back to the front row even though we had left. I snaked through the crowd to the front. So I heard the KONGOS' last few songs and it was fun. MS MR came on and she was great. She covered Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys. She's awesome. 

TIME FOR WALK THE MOON! I loved every song they played. It was beautiful to watch them. The bassist Kevin Ray was closer to my side on the stage and that was a nice view. Nicholas Petricca crowd-surfed and every thing was PERFECT not to mention I was watching Walk the Moon alongside Brendan Hoye from Finish Ticket. I casually took 4 selfies with Brendan and he didn't know. He was literally right next to me. He's not as famous yet but that doesn't matter. He's an amazing musician and yeah blah blah blah. Walk the Moon were great! I recommend these songs: Tightrope, Anna Sun, Quesadilla, Next in Line, Tete-a-Tete, Anywayican, and Shiver Shiver. They also played Sidekick which is a brand new song. <3

Next, it was New Politics!! Since I won these tickets I didn't have seats so we had to go on the lawn, but it was not too far from the stage so that was good. (I was front row for everything except NP, Phantogram, and Fitz and the Tantrums. Not complaining). Of course, the baes from NP were awesome. David Boyd is sooooo sweet, he walked closer to the back of the concert venue so us poor lawn people could get a better view. I don't care that he was soooo far away during the concert because that same day I was hugging him and and talking to him and he was so incredibly gorgeous. During the concert he was breakdancing and doing all these crazy dance moves, it was awesome to watch...and of course he was Boyding! Look up #boyding if you don't know what it is. New Politics are great live--they're amazing performers. They put on a great show. The songs I recommend: Berlin, Tonight You're Perfect, Harlem, Goodbye Copenhagen, Overcome, Stuck on You, Just Like Me, Give Me Hope, and Dignity. <33333333

Phantogram was next. She didn't interact much with the audience but she has some amazing songs. Recommend: Fall in Love, When I'm Small, and Black Out Days. 

The last band we saw was Fitz and the Tantrums. AMAZING. I never thought I would like any of their songs aside from Out of My League but that is untrue. Their albums are pure gold. Listen to these songs: The Walker, Out of My League, MoneyGrabber, Spark, Don't Gotta Work It Out, Pickin' Up the Pieces, Break the Walls, Winds of Change, and Dear Mr. President. 

Whew. WHAT A DAY. IT WAS PERFECT. It was really really hot too, we totally got burned, but it was so worth it. I can't believe I won these tickets! I wasn't even going to go to this thing. So happy!!! :) Check out dainti.tumblr.com to see pictures and perhaps I'll upload some videos. I really truly strongly recommend listening to these bands/artists. Let me know if you do end up checking out some of their songs. I know it's a lot but they're all seriously SO good. 

Signing out,
Thankful and slightly deaf!! Or majorly deaf!!! This music festival was SUPER loud! 
<3 Whoooo! Until next year! 

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