Gossip Girl goes to Fashion Week

Blair & Serena are now the IT girls for both hollywood and the fashion world! They will have a tough month since they will be busy flying from one place to next as they will be attending and doing some runway shows for the following Fashion Week!
New York Fashion Week
London Fashion Week
Milano Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week
So for this contest pretend that you are Eric Daman who will create a Stylish Outfit for either Blair or Serena to attend to each runway shows! Just one concern if you will create a New York fashion week style please include anything that symbolizes NYC like the statue of liberty; If London use the Big Ben or any other symbol you want to use on your set; Paris include something like the eiffel tower; Same as for Milano use anything that symbolizes Italy!!! So be creative!!! Have fun!!! 1 week!!! no limit for entries!!! XoXo
Gossip Girl goes to Fashion Week!Gossip Girl goes to Fashion Week! - by ♥~PrettyBaby~♥ on Polyvore.com

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